Everything about this wedding was perfect. It was stunning in every way.

The story behind how I got hired to shoot the Dugger’s wedding is pretty great. I actually grew up with Heather since elementary school.  We also lived on the same road just minutes away from each other our whole childhood.  I spent so many days at her house jumping on the trampoline and she at my house playing basketball in the back yard. When we graduated high school though we lost touch like most people do. I kept up with her on Facebook and saw that she got engaged. It wasn’t until Christmas of 2014 that I got a message from Heather saying how she loved my photographs and wanted me to be the photographer for her wedding in March! I was thrilled to tell her that although it was just months out from her wedding, I had her date available and would LOVE to shoot her getting married!

We had phone calls and emails on the reg where I heard all about Tabor. But when I finally got to meet him on March 21, it was super obvious that they were absolutely perfect together.  As a wedding vendor, I have developed a skill of identifying people that fit together. There are qualities and characteristics that compliment [and sometimes don’t compliment] each other that I pick up on when I meet both the bride and groom.  I also have grown an eye for love. It’s weird how everyone loves each other differently, but I can always pinpoint it when I see it. and it makes my heart flutter. every time.

Heather and Tabor are SO great together. They have a love that is so fun to watch and I am so honored to have gotten to capture in these images below!


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