MentorSessionsI have been a professional photographer since 2010.  During which I was also a student, a full time employee and a wife.  In June 2015 I went full time finally accepting that this is what God has called me to do.  Since inception of my business though, I have noticed a few things that have really been game changers in the growth and success of my business.  I want to share those with you guys in a series of 5 different blog posts!

The first big game changer that happened for me was a mentor session.  After I had this, I saw an immediate difference in the success of my business, it was crazy. No matter what point you’re at in your career there is always someone that you can learn from and therefore, there is always someone that you can go to for a mentor session.  So you might be asking yourself what exactly does a mentor session entail.  There are lots and lots of different ones out there but I’ll tell you what I did and the parts that I think helped me the most! I did a mentor session with Lori Hensley Photography (whom is no longer shooting weddings so her wedding mentor sessions are no longer available I believe). Our mentoring consisted of posing, lighting, communicating, branding, pricing, and most importantly editing.  Out of all of this I think the most valuable part for me was editing, pricing and posing. But if you can only afford a very small mentor session then the absolute most valuable was the editing portion.  I learned so much that I had no idea Photoshop and Lightroom could even do.  I also learned how to design albums in Adobe inDesign and where to order the albums from.  It was insane the amount of knowledge that I gained in just one day.

How do you choose who to take your mentor session with.  Every single one of us photographers have a role model.  We all have someone that we love and that we look at every single thing they post. We aspire to be like them. We look up to them. We long to see their work as soon as they post it.  We read every blog they write. That’s who you need to do your mentor session with.  Usually we have 2-3 of these people, so choosing one that is closer geographically to your location or monetarily to your budget can help you narrow it down.

When you show up, make sure that you have pen and paper, your camera, a list of questions, and lots and lots of attention to give it 100% focus because it’ll be the most valuable thing you do as a business owner if you’re just starting out!

So in saying all this, I actually offer mentor sessions now and if you are reading this blog post you automatically get 25% off! Just email me and tell me “MentorSessionsRock” and I’ll give you  discounted rate! I have multiple different ones that you can choose from that are perfect to you! I also have a background in accounting and am a CPA so I can help answer all those pesky accounting and tax questions you have too!

The second game changer is going to publish Tuesday October 6 at 6 p.m. If it’s after that you can see the next game changer by clicking here! If it’s not after that, the link here won’t work quite yet!


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