BrandingThis series is being written to tell you guys what the 5 game changers were that helps my business grow the most over the past 5 years! I started with #1 HERE! Then wrote about #2 HERE! Now we are at #3.

The #3 biggest game changer for my wedding photography business is Branding! I haven’t quite gotten everything transitioned over yet but for the most part, all the items that my clients will directly interact with regularly is switched over to my new branding.  Usually this is the last thing that we do as business owners. We make all the excuses in the world why it’s not necessary, it’s too expensive, people are booking me for talent not the design of my logo, etc… But here are some reasons why branding IS so important!

How many of us by something or shop somewhere because of the brand? I’m going to use Target as an example. Targets branding is crazy awesome.  I’ll bring it full circle with a little Katelyn James reference here in a sec. So many of us go to Target because we like their brand more.  Even their target brand is cute.  Threshold, Mossimo, Up & Up.  All of those brands are brands that Target carried and honestly I didn’t even have to look that up and you guys already know those brands too. Something that all of those brands have in common are that they are all very clean looking.  They all have a crisp and clean look to them.  For the most part we prefer those simply because of that. So when you have your initial interaction with the client it’s usually through your website.  If the branding on your website matches the branding in the email that you send them which matches the branding in the box that you give them which matches the branding of the thank you card and the print delivery box… they’re going to see you as not only professional but well put together, uniform, organized, and top notch.  Every time you give them something that reflects your brand they are probably showing that to other people.  That look is being etched into their brains every time they look at it and next time that they see that, they think of you.  The more they think of you the more they gravitate to using you again, telling others about you, and looking for you even when they aren’t in need of a photographer.  Katelyn James does this the best of all the photographers that I follow.  Everything that she has representing her company is that teal/mint green color and she has the fancy little box around a “K”.  If you are looking for some branding inspiration, she is a great place to look.

You can see my branding in this series and how I have incorporated it throughout my website and other places!

#4 Game changer is going to be published Thursday October 8, 2015, so if it’s after that you can click HERE to read it and if it’s not after that then the link won’t quite work yet!


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