EquipmentThis series is to tell you guys a little bit more about 5 things that I have done throughout the last 5 years that have helped me grow and succeed as a wedding photographer! So this post is #4 of 5 and if you want to see #1 click here, #2 click here, or #3 click here!

The third game changer that I want to talk about is Equipment.

When I started out as a photographer actually charging people for sessions I was in college.  I had been gifted a Canon Rebel for Christmas and had no money to upgrade my camera being a college student. Other photographers that I looked up to so much would tell me time and again, you do not need to spend a whole bunch of money on upgrading your equipment. If you can do this with a rebel there is no sense in upgrading, you’re already so good! So I’m actually going against what all these role models were telling me.  They told me so many other things that I still practice and pass on today but this is not one of them.

Even if you are in college and you have no money you can do this. First, make a budget. Tell yourself out of every session you shoot, ____% is being set aside to go towards the purchase of your next camera. I really recommend not going into debt too, just be patient and save up. Make yourself wait on spending it until it’s up to where you want it to be.  Second, don’t settle. What I mean by this is once you have saved $1,500, don’t just give in and buy a camera for $1,500. It may be better than your rebel, BUT you’re then going to have to start over and save again to get to $3,000. Just resist and keep saving to get your dream camera. Then continue doing this over and over with all the equipment that you want.

So when I finally made the upgrade from the Canon Rebel to my first Canon 5d mark ii, I saw a HUGE difference in my business.  I immediately updated my website to reflect pictures that I took with my mark ii  and people started hiring me like crazy.  Then I went up on my prices and once the mark iii came out I started saving again. Even my upgrade from the mark ii to the mark iii had a difference in bookings.  I’ll give you one story that is a perfect example of this.  In college when I still had my rebel a guy who was launching an organic clothing company asked me to come take pictures of some models in his clothing.  So the first meeting I had with him I borrowed the mark iii from another photographer and used it.  The second meeting I couldn’t borrow it and just used my rebel.  The guy said to me “I don’t know what you did different, but the pictures from our first meeting were so much better” and he never used me again. Crazy right? But there is full proof that someone who knows nothing about photography can see a difference in the quality of your work.

The final #5 game changer is going to be published Friday October 9, 2015.  If it’s after that date click HERE, if it’s before that date the link won’t quite work yet!


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