Letterman jacket in the bleachers boy senior picture by Amanda May Photos at Powell High School

Yesterday in Jake’s senior post I mentioned that I was going to share a couple things that I do to make guy senior portraits go a little smoother. Some of these things might seem obvious, but hopefully will help you a little!

  1. First, when they choose you as their senior photographer, go ahead and chat with them and figure out what they’re interested in.  Most guys are interested in sports, but do they play any? Most guys are interested in music, but do they play any instruments? Most guys like dogs, but do they have a pet at home? Get where I’m going with this? If you can cater your session around things that they enjoy it’s going to be easier for them to get distracted from taking pictures.
  2. Keep it fun and interactive.  Do pictures where they aren’t just standing there the whole time. You can do walking pictures, athletic pictures, looking around, laughing, telling a joke, etc… But if you can make it interactive that’s going to give another distraction.  Just sitting them down there and telling them to sit back on their hands and look at the camera is the number one way to get them to be thinking about having their picture taken.  Of course you can’t avoid this the whole time but make the interactive poses break up these static ones!
  3. Always tell them what you want them to do from head to toe.  You might tell them where to look but don’t forget to tell them what to do with their hands and their feet.  How you want them to stand. How you want them to sit. How you want them to walk. Where you want them to look while they’re laughing.  By doing this you’re automatically making them a thousand times more comfortable. Telling them exactly what you want them to do alleviates the nervousness of looking bad in front of the camera.  That they would never voice out loud, but does sit in the back of their head when they’re in front of a camera.

So there it is fellow photographers! A couple tips on how you can make your guy senior portraits go a little more smoothly! I hope this helps! If you would like to see more tips and tricks on senior photography, subscribe to my blog now and get posts directly in your email!


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