At the beginning of March, the day after Grayson’s first birthday party, we took a vacation to Charleston, SC. Dustin had a work event that he was having to attend and I decided to tag along and go see my cousin who lives out there. Grayson and I stayed on Daniel Island where my cousin lives while Dustin stayed right in the heart of downtown Charleston. Of the four days that we were there, Dustin and I only got to spend the very last day together due to his work schedule. The rest of the time Grayson & I got to spend some quality time with Lori and her kids Owen & Stella and Kayla and her boyfriend Seth. Our days were filled with getting drenched in the freezing cold ocean, taking a bike ride around Daniel Island, playing on ALL the Daniel Island play grounds, a trip to the South Carolina aquarium, lots of jogs and walks & eating out for almost every meal. On the last day, Dustin and I took Grayson back to the beach because he loved it so much and then walked around downtown before we headed back home. Needless to say, Dustin’s Charleston experience was a LOT different than mine on this trip. He ate at really fancy restaurants the whole time, had lots of fancy drinks, did a historical tour, played frisbee golf, and had some work meetings. But both of us loved it so much and we are still trying to figure out why we have never been there since it is one of the closest beaches to Knoxville. If you haven’t gone, you should go. If you need some kid friendly ideas, come to me and if you need some restaurant/bar ideas go to Dustin. Either way, we’ve got you covered ;-). Also, shout out to my cousin Kayla because she took a lot of these on my camera while I tried to keep Grayson from running into the ice cold ocean.

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