Colorado Destination Wedding

On December 5, the Fothergills flew to Denver, Colorado 3 days before my little sister’s Colorado destination wedding in Breckenridge. I’m not going to gush too much of the details of our vacation time because I have personal pictures saved up for that, but I will tell you, if you haven’t ventured to Colorado, you should. And it can’t just be for a couple of days because you need at least that long to get used to the change in altitude.

When Leah was growing up, we all predicted her wedding to be a huge, over-the-top extravaganza with glitter everywhere, the biggest dress possible, and at least one year of planning. I didn’t know Jordan before Leah, but from what I gather, everyone predicted Jordan’s wedding to be…well…there wouldn’t be a such thing as Jordan’s wedding because he loved the single life. When these two lovebirds got together, however, it was completely undeniable that they were meant for each other. There is a little bit of an age gap between them, which might cause friction with some couples. But Leah is and has always been the little kid hanging out with the adults at the party, and I think Jordan was probably the guy everyone referred to as the big kid. So, they meet perfectly in the middle. Any difference that may not work normally works well with them. I think the thing that sold me on Jordan before anything else was how much he loved Leah. There are very few loves on this planet like the way that my dad loved Leah’s mom, but Jordan loves Leah that way. It’s CRAZY that two women in the same family found a love like that. After Leah started dating Jordan, I felt like she became more grounded, and when she announced that she wanted a Colorado destination wedding, it didn’t surprise us too much because of the way that she had matured in her relationship with Jordan. She wasn’t the little girl playing princess and glittering everything anymore. Plus, there’s a meaning behind Breckenridge. It was the first vacation she and Jordan ever took together, and they had a blast. Not only did she announce her Colorado destination wedding, but she also asked ME to photograph it. Of course, I said yes before she could even get the question out. Talk about a dream come true for a photographer, and I got to be there every step of the way of the planning process so I could guarantee we had adequate time to take all the pictures that we wanted! All Leah cared about was that it snowed, and she got to marry Jordan. Both of which happened :-).

I’m excited to show you this BEAUTIFUL Colorado destination wedding and to invite Leah and Jordan to the married club. There’s nothing like it, you guys, and I’m stoked for you to be official!

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Vendors used by Leah & Jordan:

Venue & Catering: The Lodge at Breckenridge

Florist: Bloom Flower Shop

Dress Shop: Lillian Ruth Bride

Officiant: Minister Gretchen Abernathy

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