2018 Favorite Engagements

Yesterday, you saw my 2018 favorite wedding photos post. One of my FAVORITE posts to look back on in my year review analysis. Now, I want to share my 2018 favorite engagements post. Also long, but not nearly as long as the wedding post. I’m sure it took your browser a solid 5 minutes to load all those photos, and that would have been on a fast internet speed. Sorry about that. I just couldn’t help myself. There were SO many AMAZING weddings in 2018. With that there were so many amazing engagements, too!

Usually, in my 2018 favorite engagements post I will also share three favorite stories that align with my engagement shoots. I also talk about a favorite location or one particular session that really stood out as being a favorite. But, just like my 2018 favorite wedding photos post, I just can’t. There are so many. Too many. I shot in Cades Cove a lot this year, and everything in Cades Cove is gorgeous. You know what? I have really strict rules for shooting in Cades Cove, one of them being that the session MUST be at sunrise and cannot be on a Wednesday or Saturday (because the road is closed until 10 am on those days). That would usually be enough restraint to prevent people from choosing it, but that’s how awesome Cades Cove is. Worth the early morning alarm and inconvenient day. I also shot a TON of Downtown Knoxville, Knoxville Botanical Gardens, and Mead’s Quarry. Each place I love in it’s own way. You know where I truly missed shooting this year? The Fruit and Berry Patch in Halls. I’m still so sad that they sold their property.

Yesterday, I said thank you to the AMP couples for hiring me for their weddings (for the most part they are the same couples below because we do engagement sessions as part of their wedding package). Let me reiterate that thank you. Thank you for being so supportive of my tiny little business. Thank you for following and participating in my social media posts. Thank you for letting me love on you and share my passion with you. Thank you for being your sweet, awesome selves. My life would LITERALLY not be the same without you, and I really don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t do this. Thank you.

I’m a Knoxville Wedding Photographer that loves to travel… I shoot anywhere! If you have any questions about pricing or booking with me, click here to contact me now! If you liked what you saw above, go ahead and follow me on Facebook or Instagram to see my daily updates of the latest sessions!

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