Knoxville Botanical Gardens Family Session

On August 13th, 2018, Tralene and Justin Lucas said their vows and committed their lives to one another at Sampson’s Hollow. I had the absolute pleasure of photographing their intimate, personal wedding that day. You can see their wedding blog post here! It was gorgeous, and Tralene made an INCREDIBLE bride. Also, I not so secretly love her hair and freckles so much! On January 1st, 2019, Tralene, Justin, and Dylan visited Knoxville, and I got to do a Knoxville Botanical Gardens family session with them.

Both Tralene and Justin are from Florida. Growing up they always visited the mountains around Knoxville for their vacation. It only makes sense that since we go to the beach in Florida for our vacation, Floridians would come to the mountains for their vacation. Well, her parents loved it so much, they ended up moving here. Now, the Lucas family has a reason to come to Tennessee every winter to visit family for the holidays. It just so happened that this year I got to spend the very first day of the year with them doing a Knoxville Botanical Gardens family session, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. All three of them have hearts of gold. The way that Tralene and Justin still look at each other, even months after their wedding at their Knoxville Botanical Gardens family session, like if they were emojis they would have hearts in their eyes. Dylan is officially a teenager, and the way he carries himself is a true testament to what an incredible mom Tralene is and how well Justin has stepped in as another father figure. He was SO respectful and smiled every time I asked him without one grumble. He even played along when I asked him to do silly things to get a good laugh. Do you know how rare that is in a teenage boy??? So rare, that usually parents can’t even get them to show up for the photo session much less be a good sport about it.

So, here they are. This adorable, amazing family at their Knoxville Botanical Gardens family session!

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