Relix Theater Wedding

I haven’t shot a Relix Theater wedding since they remodeled, and you guys, it is SO nice. They completely transformed their space from something that looked more like a concert space to a high-end downtown wedding venue. There were three things especially great about it: 1) The sun sets directly in front of the space and shines in the GIGANTIC windows they have. So, for a couple having a Relix Theater wedding reception during the day, there is a TON of natural light flooding the space, which makes for great reception pictures! 2) There is a huge white wall that acts like a gigantic reflector, which makes the room brighter. After dark, it bounces flash really well and creates awesome reception light! 3) The big brick wall that used to be covered by a huge art piece made of different wallets in the shape of an American flag is now completely exposed and makes for a wonderful backdrop for the ceremony. When I photographed Relix Theater weddings before the remodel, I had no idea the wall was so great because the art piece was so massive. It was a cool art piece, but I like the wall better ;-). I’ve also never photographed a ceremony in this space, but it was a great option for a winter wedding because the natural light streaming in made it feel like we were outside without having to endure the cold temps!

Glass reflection at this Relix Theater Wedding by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

I am super thankful for Leslie and Derric. They are one of those couples that just really has a cute vibe happening like all the time. They both have awesome model faces, but smiling is definitely more them. Anytime I stopped shooting, they would instantly break out into a little giggle from something one whispered to the other, and you could just see the joy radiating from them all day long. There is nothing I relate to more than constantly catching myself smiling and laughing when I’m with people I love.

One thing that Leslie and Derric did on their wedding day that I hadn’t experienced before was to rent the Shamrock Suite above Clancy’s on Gay Street for the rehearsal dinner, girl’s getting ready area, and bride and groom’s room the night of their wedding. I honestly didn’t even know it existed. I usually go to the Cook Loft down the street, but I was seriously impressed with this space. It was massive with tons of bedrooms, a huge kitchen, a pool table, and good living space. Also, I really loved shooting all of Leslie’s getting ready details here and would highly recommend it to other brides looking for a space to get ready downtown!

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