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Shooting in the winter can be tricky. It hasn’t been as tricky this year as it usually is because until now, the weather has been generally super warm! With babies under 1, shooting outside in the winter just isn’t an option. Their noses get SUPER red and runny, and they are just not happy. So, I started offering a studio session that includes shooting on a white bed with a white comforter in our guest bedroom. Occasionally, I’ll bring the family down to the office and use some different seating to maybe do a couple more shots and add a little variety. Then, at the very end after we get tons of great smiling shots, I take them outside for a few natural light photos in our front yard to complete their studio session. You’ve seen a few of these sessions from this winter so far, and this is another one.

Baby Cooper is getting less and less baby. These are his 9 month photos, and I can definitely tell that his favorite place to be is in mommy and daddy’s arms. If he’s not in their arms, a sure fire way to get him to smile is to take his adorable blue and white puppy and tickle his nose with the puppy’s fur. Almost all the big smiles that you see in these photos were gotten with that exact move. Isn’t it funny how kids can be entertained by doing the same thing over and over and over without any thought that they’ve done something a dozen times and are still laughing at it? At what point does that change you think? And why? I, for one, wish I was entertained that easily as an adult. I would probably do a lot less scrolling, online shopping, and eating ha!

Hope you love this studio session as much as I did. This is one of my FAVORITE families to work with. We have developed a friendship over the last couple years, and to be honest, I love them to pieces.

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