Arrington Vineyards Engagement

Cowboy hat at this Arrington Vineyards Engagement by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

Last week I trekked across Tennessee to meet this Texas couple for an Arrington Vineyards engagement session. There is this AMAZING planner in Nashville, Ashley Silver Bourque with Silver Celebrations, that connected me with Emily and Charlie. I don’t know how she knew that we would be such a great match, but that’s just how good she is at her job.

Prior to their Arrington Vineyards engagement session, I had never met or spoken on the phone with Emily and Charlie. Emails had been the extent of our communication. Even with just digital conversation, I already could tell that we would get along great. Emily is so detailed. She responds so quickly to my emails, answering every single question and is so organized. Plus, they love wine and chose to have both an Arrington Vineyards engagement session and an Arrington Vineyards wedding!

When Dustin and I lived in Nashville, we were obsessed with Arrington. We moved there kind of on a whim, which meant we had a lot of visitors coming to stay with us. We would ALWAYS plan an evening at Arrington and treat them to a bottle of wine + chocolates during their stay. I don’t know what it is about that place, but it just soothes me. It does have amazing views and smells gently of incredible wine, but also, the vibe it cultivates is just so great. It’s not filled with hipsters on every corner like the rest of Nashville (no offense, hipsters, but dang…). It just has normal people who know how to enjoy a good glass of wine. It’s also free to the public. You can even bring your own wine and just chill on their lawn or at one of their picnic tables.

Anyway, even if we didn’t have anything else in common (which we totally do), we both LOVE wine. That is enough to make us BFFs for life ;-)! Funny side note – you all know that I’m pregnant. I don’t force everyone in my tightest circle to avoid alcohol just because I can’t have any, but I do force them all to let me deeply inhale the scent of their red wine should they choose that as their drink. So, in the middle of shooting this Arrington Vineyards engagement session, I was moving Emily and Charlie’s glasses out of the frame. The way I was holding my camera, it put the wine up close to my face, and I got a good whiff. It was totally by accident, but in my head I was thinking ooooohhhhh yeeeeaaaahhhh….got my wine fix for the next week. hahahahaha.

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