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Avenly Brindle is officially 3 months old, and she. is. gorgeous. I got to do a Knoxville lifestyle session with this family, and I learned something. The one thing that I love most about them is how much they love each other. They own The Quarry venue with another couple, and the four of them run the whole shebang. They have three kids (as you see here), are working on some renovations on their house, and are adding some fun things to their venue. To say they are busy is the understatement of a lifetime. You know what they make time for? Their family.

Neutral bedroom at this Knoxville Lifestyle by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

The easy answer is, “Well, of course they do, it’s their family. It’s easy to make time for your family.” But, friends, making time for your family doesn’t only mean you are working less. It also means you get paid less. Owning a small business means if you don’t work, you don’t get paid. Simple as that. I really respect Morgan and Topher for how they put their family first. They know what is important, and you can see it in the way the girls treat each other. Also, since their newborn session, big sis Brilyn has come into full ownership of her big sis role. Elliana stepped into the major leagues a long time ago, but it was so cool to see how Brilyn has changed in just a short couple months!

I really love Knoxville lifestyle sessions. If you are thinking of doing one at your own home, a key ingredient is natural light. If you are afraid you don’t have enough but don’t know, I would be happy to check it out beforehand. Or if you know you don’t have enough, we can also do them at my house!

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