Graystone Quarry Wedding

By the window at this Graystone Quarry Wedding by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

There is one major theme that stood out to me at this wedding: joy. The same word that I use to describe the Amanda May Photos’ brand. It’s exciting as a photographer when you get to work with a couple that aligns so perfectly with the brand that you work so hard to form. So, let me share a few different instances of how this theme played out at Casey and Will’s Graystone Quarry wedding in Nashville, TN.

  1. Joy in spite of CRAZY weather. It rained all day. I mean ALL day. I’m not talking drizzle. I’m talking sideways swooping, wind gusting, monsoon-like rain. So hard that even when I did take the couple outside under covered areas, you can see the rain so well in the images it almost looks like snowflakes. Most couples would have panicked at the site of this. Some brides would have cried, but not Casey and Will. When I arrived on at their Graystone Quarry wedding, Casey literally didn’t even mention the rain until I brought up trying to do the first look outside between rain clouds. Not only was she not worried about it, she was joyful in spite of it. And so was Will. You know that photographer they hired and invested in all the way from Knoxville, TN? They actually just trusted her. Okay, okay…they trusted ME! They did not lose sight of the ultimate purpose and joy of the day because they trusted me to get amazing images regardless of the weather. For that I am forever grateful.
  2. Joy in their tears. These two families loved one another so much and so well. They not only loved their respective families, but they also loved each other’s family. Will is from Florida, and Casey is from New Jersey. Somehow, some way, over the years, this Florida family and this New Jersey family became best friends. With all the closeness of all the relationships, there were joyful tears shed all day. In typical mom fashion, Julie and Rita kicked the day off with teary eyes watching their babies get ready. It was so sweet and precious and filled with the utmost joy of the occasion. When it came to the first look between Casey and her dad, he partook in his own teary moment. I don’t think either of these are surprising. Here’s one that’ll get you. It got me. As Casey’s dad gave her away at the beginning of the Graystone Quarry wedding ceremony, he reached over to shake hands with Will before he removed Casey’s blusher veil, (also, so excited that she had a blusher veil), but Will pulled him in for a long, tight hug instead. I wouldn’t even say hug…I would say embrace. With so much respect and gratitude. We all felt it in that chapel. I didn’t see the teariness in that moment because I was in the back, but as David gave the opening speech at the reception, he got choked up just recounting that moment. Then, there was the first look between Will and Casey. Will…this big, huge dude…6’7″ offensive lineman for the Arizona Cardinals…did not want a first look because he didn’t think he would be able to live up to the reaction that Casey envisioned. Through lots and lots of discussion, Casey convinced him that they needed one for lots of reasons. When Will turned around, saw Casey, got her wrapped up in his big arms, he did a little bit of full-on crying into her neck. It was precious and amazing, and I think both me and my assistant, along with the three videographers in the room, were all fogging up our cameras as we documented the moment. The best part about this moment as a photographer is that after they had their moment, Will said he was SO glad they did a first look because he had no idea he would have been so emotional! Day. made. right. there.
  3. Joy in the humor. There were so many hilarious things that got thrown into Casey and Will’s Graystone Quarry wedding. Starting with the bride’s brother, Ross, dressing up as a bride and pretending he was Casey as he tapped Will’s shoulder for their “first look.” The series of images are below, and it was amazing. Even documenting Casey getting her brother into the fake wedding dress was hysterical. Then, fast forward to the ceremony, and as David (Casey’s dad) escorts Julie (Casey’s mom) down the aisle, they stop right in the middle to take a selfie. Like every photographer, I hate all the cell phones that come out during ceremonies now, but this was totally different. It was hilarious and made for a really fun selfie they have forever. This is their only daughter, and they will always have the picture they selfied as they walked the aisle of the Graystone Quarry wedding chapel.

Since I’m sharing all the joy that happened in and around Casey and Will’s Graystone Quarry wedding, I also want to share a little snippet of some pure joy I felt on their wedding day, too. I know this is getting really absurdly long, especially if you’re reading on a cell phone. If you are still with me at this point…thank you.

At the very end of the reception, I asked Brittany Sidwell, my second photographer, to grab a shot of me with Casey and Will. After that photo was taken, Will turned to me and said, “I just need to tell you something, Amanda May. We don’t have any East Tennessee friends. You know those East Tennesseans get a little rowdy over there (they both went to Vandy and are die hard Vandy fans, so he’s referencing to UT fans here before any of you go get weird about that sentence), but we like you. You are our East Tennessee friend, and you are just awesome.” We followed that sentence up with a little group hug, and I’m not kidding, ya’ll, I almost started crying. It meant so much to me. It may have been the baby hormones, but gosh I will forever remember that moment at my very first NFL Graystone Quarry wedding.

Now, I am done talking your ear off and really want you to scroll through all their sneak peeks! There are 250. So, yeah, there’s that. Happy scrolling!

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Vendors used by Casey & Will:

Venue & Planner: Graystone Quarry

Second Photographer: Brittany Sidwell Photography

Videographer: John Myers Photography

Florist: The Enchanted Florist

Planner: Silver Celebrations Nashville

Cake: Dessert Designs

Band: The Downtown Band

Hair & Makeup: One10 Beauty

Dress Store: Kleinfeld

Dress Designer: BLUSH by Hayley Paige

Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids

Men’s Suits: Street Tuxedo

Catering: Chef Penelope’s Catering

Rentals: Southern Events Party Rental Company

Calligraphy: White Ink Calligraphy

Photobooth: Nashville Smile Bar

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