Harlinsdale Farm Sunrise Session

Sunrise at this Harlinsdale Farm Sunrise session by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

No matter what city you live in, it’s natural to develop relationships with the people around you. Sometimes, it’s seasonal relationships that fade when you don’t live in close proximity to one another, and sometimes, it’s close friendships that lead to more phone calls as the distance grows. Then, there’s something right in the middle. A friend that you keep up with but don’t necessarily talk to regularly. Someone that you may not have talked to for a year, but when you do see each other, it’s easy and carefree as if no time has passed. The latter is my relationship with the Nortons. We became friends through my EY job when I lived in Nashville. Since then, I’ve taken photos of them several times, watched their precious Harlow Grey grow into a tiny woman, followed their journey with Christ, jobs, houses, family, and so much more. I love and respect this little family so so much. They even woke up at the crack of dawn for these Harlinsdale Farm sunrise family photos.

When it comes to taking family photos out of town, there is one thing that clients can do to show some appreciation and love for their photographer (assuming you aren’t paying a large travel fee). Be flexible. When I say out of town, I’m talking 1.5+ hours outside of where the photographer normally shoots. I only let family clients get away with not paying a travel a fee if they do their portraits on a weekend that I am already in town for a wedding. So, flexibility is required when I don’t shoot weddings in that city more than a few times a year. Also, be flexible on the timing of the portrait session. You may have to do a sunrise session to get good light. Otherwise, your photographer is just hanging around a random city all day waiting for sunset when all they really want to do is get back home to relax with their family, start backing up the wedding from the previous day, and go to sleep early in their own bed. Another one…be flexible with the location. In a city like Nashville where everything is really spread out and the difference between shooting in Franklin and shooting in Hendersonville is an hour’s drive, be willing to come to wherever they are. Some wedding days for a photographer are like running a half marathon (I can say this because I’ve done both). I don’t want to pretend like all of them are this physically taxing, but most of mine are. 8+ hours, sometimes roasting in humidity, on your feet literally all day, squatting, bending, lifting, fluffing, carrying…all. the. things. It’s an early morning and a late night and sleeping in a hotel isn’t always the best night sleep. Letting them get a little more rest in the morning and not drive for an hour to meet you is a HUGE act of love. There’s my spill, and I am honestly so thankful that the Norton family is ALWAYS flexible with me. The venue and the hotel I stayed in the night before shooting their Harlinsdale Farm sunrise session was within a 12-15 minute drive of the location. They showed up on time, ready to go, and we got so many awesome photos because of it.

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