Marblegate Farm Engagement

Marblegate Farm launched in April of 2018, and shortly after I booked a 2019 wedding there. I saw their launch and knew they were gorgeous, but I actually hadn’t been there in person yet. Then, Becca and Kris decided on a Marblegate Farm engagement session, which took me to the property, and oh my. It’s better than I anticipated. You guys, this property is GORGEOUS inside and out. In addition to having a TON of places to shoot, everything is positioned perfectly in relation to where the sun sets. Something that literally no one would notice (or care about) except for a photographer. There is a ton of backdrop variety, which is how a couple can have a Marblegate Farm engagement and a Marblegate Farm wedding with a look different. Plus, the inside of the main facility is…wowza. Chip and Joanna style all the way. Shiplap and white everywhere with wooden beams, concrete floors, chandeliers, and so. many. windows. Let’s just say it photographs like a dream. I was already excited to have two weddings out there this year, but now that I’ve seen it, I’m even more excited. May 26th is my first one of the year, and it cannot get here soon enough!

Yellow floral at this Marblegate Farm engagement by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

I can totally see why Becca and Kris wanted to have a Marblegate Farm engagement session. Not only is it pretty, but it matched their personalities so well. When I say they were fun to work with, I mean they literally made it more fun. They were joking around, laughing, and cutting up the whole time. They would purposely misinterpret some of my posing. Like when I said, “Okay, look at me, cheek to cheek, smiling,” they turned around and put their butt cheeks together. I was dying. I didn’t include those photos in their blog post, but they are in their gallery because it’s just who they are. Also, Becca is a portrait photographer on the weekends. That means she knows her stuff, which makes me that much more honored to be shooting their wedding in September. We were both drooling over the light and sunset while we were taking their Marblegate Farm engagement photos. We basically had golden hour the entire time we were shooting, and it was incredible. Why read about it when you can see it for yourself? Happy scrolling, friends.

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