Max Patch Engagement Session

Smoky Mountains at this Max Patch engagement session by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

I have driven to Max Patch so many times, but never by myself and pregnant. If there’s one thing to know about me as you read this story, it’s that I pay NO attention to directions when I’m the passenger. I can basically never get myself somewhere for a second time when I ride shotgun the first time. Anyways, I know it takes 2 hours to get to Max Patch because we go there so much. So, I left 2 hours before I needed to be there. I followed my GPS because that’s what directionally challenged people do, and the GPS got me off at the Newport exit. I stopped at a gas station to use the bathroom because that’s what pregnant people do, and I realized my GPS took me the wrong direction. Lots and lots of things ran through my head, but before I decided anything, I called Dustin. He’s the incredibly talented directional person in our relationship. Long story short, he tells me I should just get back on the interstate, and go the way I know. Take the Harmon Den exit, turn left, follow the gravel road till it dead ends, turn left, and Max Patch would be on my right. Even with these incredibly descriptive directions, I got back on the interstate and restarted my GPS thinking it would reroute me to Harmon Den now that I was past it’s first route. It didn’t. It wanted me to get off at the next exit and turn around. Then, the next exit. So, I called Dustin back. What the heck should I do???? He discovers there is road work around Harmon Den, but it wasn’t showing traffic on I-40 so he recommended I just keep going. I do, but GPS NEVER gets on board with the whole Harmon Den thing. As I get closer to the Harmon Den exit, there is road work, but thankfully, the exit was open. I got off with no traffic. I turned left off the exit as I was supposed to, and then, there was a construction sign blocking the right lane preventing me from getting on the gravel road that ultimately takes me to Max Patch. So, I call Dustin again. This time crying because that’s what pregnant women do. It really boiled down to me not wanting to be late. I knew at this point if I had to turn around I would be an hour late, and I just cannot deal with being late, you guys. Especially, when there is absolutely no cell service for me to communicate with my couple. So, I went past the sign, and it was fine. Totally and completely fine. I actually got there at 4:45, fifteen minutes earlier than I planned.

I know that reaction was a little ridiculous, and I only share all those details with you to hopefully bring you a little giggle. In reality, I love shooting at Max Patch, and every single second of that stressful drive was worth it because of the pictures below. I met Amanda and Andrew at the base of the hike, and we walked up together. We knew it was going to be cold and windy at the top, but I don’t think any of us were expecting just how cold and just how windy it was. I have to give props to these two love birds because looking at these photos you would never know that we were all numb from the frigid air.

Thank you to one amazing couple for driving to meet me at an AMAZING location, braving the new directions (their GPS was also acting very bazarre), embracing the cold, changing clothes on the top of the mountain, and stopping on the way back down with me to snatch a few more in the gorgeous sunset light!

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