Baxter Gardens Session

The last two years in the month of April, I did a Baxter Gardens Session almost two or three times a week. It seemed like every single client wanted their photos there…and rightly so, because it is gorgeous. This year, however, my first time there wasn’t until 10 days into the month. I’m DYING to go back now that I’ve photographed Julia and Jacob’s Baxter Gardens session. I know it’s gorgeous, but I forget from year to year just HOW gorgeous it is. Then, I go back and I am reminded why I take a bajillion portraits every April! Enough about Baxter, let’s get to the good stuff.

Floral maxi at this Baxter Gardens Engagement by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

First of all, Julia’s mom is also a photographer. That means she knows what she’s looking at, and she knows how to find exactly what Julia and Jacob want for their wedding. I am totally and completely honored they chose me to capture all their wedding season photos. Second, Julia recently started watching Grayson for me on Friday mornings so I can work before nap time. She has been a lifesaver, and I cannot thank this girl enough for sacrificing her last summer off before entering into her adulting career. Third, Jacob is a champ because we literally changed their engagement session three times because of bad weather. The day we ultimately ended up shooting, we decided on literally hours before the shoot. He asked his boss if he could leave early, rushed home, showered, dressed up, and drove them to their Baxter Gardens session. I do have to say it was completely worth it because the lighting was phenomenal, and it was golden hour the entire time we were shooting. Don’t just take my word for it, see for yourself as you scroll through!

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