Downtown Knoxville and Meads Quarry Engagement Session

There is one thing that a client can say to their photographer that will literally make that photographer’s heart jump for joy, and it’s this, “Oh, I totally trust you, I know you’re going to do a great job!” That’s it. That one little phrase. I have worked REALLY REALLY hard over the years to generate a culture around the AMP Family that ensures they have this kind of confidence in me no matter what. Pouring down rain at your session? Confidence. Overcast with no golden light? Confidence. Screaming toddlers? Confidence. Crazy dogs? Confidence. One of the first things out of Caroline’s mouth before we began their Downtown Knoxville and Meads Quarry session was just that, “You take us wherever, I know you’re going to do a great job!” Music to my ears. In that one little statement, she gave me the freedom to really make the pictures their absolute BEST!

Black and white at this Meads Quarry Session by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

The first half of Caroline and Christian’s engagement session was spent in Downtown Knoxville. Since I shoot there so often and Downtown Knoxville isn’t very big, I have go to spots I take couples that I know work well. To kick off my 2019 Downtown Knoxville portraits, I left my house an hour early to drive around and scout out new spots, and it was so so worth it. I’m loving these locations. During the second half of our time together, we did a Meads Quarry session. This is where the pups came into play. Caroline and Christian have two adorable dogs, Chester and Lulu. Chester the Collie was super calm, so well behaved, and Caroline and Christian had no worries about her cooperating. They warned me about Lulu though. She’s a crazy dog. She’s probably not going to do anything we want her to do. So, I went into this Meads Quarry session with that expectation…but, you guys…Chester and Lulu killed it. Yes, it may have taken a few minutes to get Lulu into place and to stop sniffing around to look at the camera, but the point is she DID look at the camera. I was super duper proud of her…just as Caroline and Christian were, too. I would like to add a disclaimer in here. It’s TOTALLY fine to bring your puppies to a section of your engagement session, but there is one MUST HAVE to make it worth it. You must bring a dog sitter with you. Caroline brought her sister with them, and any time we weren’t using the pups, her sister was holding them. If she hadn’t been there, we wouldn’t have gotten half the shots we got at the Meads Quarry session because we would have been spending so much time trying to tie the leashes to a tree so they wouldn’t run away. So, feel free to bring your pets, but also know that you need a pet sitter! I think I’ve kept you long enough. Scroll through to see just how adorable these four are!

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