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Wanna know one of the things that photographers do when they hang out? Take photos of one another. In this case, take photos of one another AND their kiddos :-). Last week, Brittany Sidwell Photography and I met up with our two boys for a Mommy & Me session. Her babe is getting closer and closer to that magic age where he starts pre-k, and my little babe is about to have to share my attention with a sibling. We just really wanted to preserve the relationship we have with them right now. We want to remember the head hugs, the love of tickling, the OBSESSION with Hot Wheels, the awkwardness they could care less about, the way they take off running anytime there’s an open field, and so. much. more.

White t-shirt at this Mommy & Me Session by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

Ideally, I wanted to get these photos before I started showing my baby bump so much I couldn’t hide it. It was freezing and ugly all winter, and it just didn’t happen. So, I need to publicly acknowledge that in some of these Hazel looks like a cute baby bump and in others she looks like a big fat roll. But here’s the deal. I’m going to choose to love my body regardless of what my eyes want to tell my head and submit to the fact that it’s creating a human. There will be a time outside of this short season that I can do crunches again. Right now, I love this stage with Grayson before Hazel comes, and I needed to preserve it forever. Baby bodies are different than any other kind of bodies. Sometimes, it’s hard for moms to still love how they look. I get it. Really, I do. I also want to encourage you to think about what your body has done. It took two tiny little pieces of matter and formed a LIFE. A tiny human that will grow up to be an adult. God designed this in us, and next time you’re looking at yourself in a photo thinking about how much you want it to change, turn that thought into how thankful you are it gave you one of the biggest blessings of your entire life.

This post was totally not meant to be a sappy “love your body” post, but sometimes, I think my ramblings are used by the Holy Spirit to reach someone who needs to hear them. So, here we are.

The first half of this post is all photos of Grayson and me. Brittany Sidwell Photography took most of the photos, and I took some of Grayson by himself. Then, the second half of the session you’ll see the photos I captured of Brit & her little man Wyatt. She has her own copy of all of these images to edit herself, but yours truly edited the ones in this post!

Now, I hope all those mamas out there reading this take some time to find a photographer you love to get some photos of you and your littles. There is nothing like a bond between a momma and her kiddos. From what I hear, after they’re all grown up, all you think about is the baby/toddler/young ages and how much you miss it. So, let’s get these memories preserved for you to really look back on!

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