The Press Room Wedding

When I arrived to this Press Room wedding, the bride’s mother was the first to greet me. I walked in the door, and she said, “AMANDA MAY!! It’s so wonderful to finally meet you!!! And congratulations on your new little baby!!!” In that instant, I felt the joy that was surrounding this entire day. This is the reason why I develop relationships with every single one of my couples. The reason why I show up on your wedding day, and it feels like another friend instead of just some wedding photographer. More importantly, this is the reason I can photograph my couples’ wedding days with all the emotion showing. It’s why when they look back to their wedding photos, they remember the feelings in each moment and not just the colors they chose. All of this to say, I am so incredibly thankful for Abby & Jimmy and how they let me into this short season of their life.

Church steps at this Press Room Wedding by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

Now, let’s talk about how Abby and Jimmy know how to pick the most beautiful day of spring. Who knew that things would have started blooming this early, but they have. Who knew that we would have a perfect 70-degree day at the end of March, but we did. To top it all off, the florals they chose were full of pastel pinks, purples, and blues, and when I walked into this Press Room wedding, it felt like spring. The spring that everyone waited through that winter season for. It felt so good.

Most of the time, I only communicate with the bride. I sometimes get to meet the groom at our initial meeting, but most of the time my first real interaction with him is at the engagement session. In this case, it was just that. The only time I had to get to know Jimmy was during their engagement session. I could tell there how thoughtful he was, but I think Abby would really appreciate me taking a moment to brag on just how sweet he was on their Press Room wedding day. Two things that stood out to me especially. 1) He had robes for all the ladies with their initials monogrammed on them waiting in the getting ready suite at The Press Room. How he knew this was a thing is beyond me, but I was literally blown away when Abby told me. As if the robes weren’t enough, he color coordinated them with their wedding colors, added their monogram, AND had one for all three bridesmaids plus Abby. 2) He left a really, really sweet card in the getting ready suite for Abby to read the morning of their Press Room wedding while she was getting ready. He wrapped the card in tissue paper, and when one of the bridesmaids handed it to Abby, she didn’t fully know what they were handing her. She thought it was a note from the venue. Next thing I know, Abby is wiping tears away. It was completely unexpected and so so sweet. I love it when grooms get creative with their gift giving on the wedding day. Jimmy…kudos, dude…you killed it.

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Vendors used by Abby & Jimmy:

Venue: The Press Room

Florist: Lisa Foster Floral Design

Makeup: Southern Belle Beauty

Hair: Hair Etc.

Wedding Dress: Regiss

Bridesmaids’ Dresses: David’s Bridal

Tuxedo Rental: Men’s Wearhouse

Second Photographer: Erin Fox Photo

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