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It’s hard to believe that I photographed Kathryn and Spenser’s wedding almost 6 years ago. I looked back at those pictures, and these two have literally not changed one little bit. You know me, and you know how I love coming back to my AMP couples and shooting them again. Reconnecting years after the wedding day and seeing how God is using their marriage and flourishing their lives gives me all the feels. So, over Easter weekend, while we were in Somerset, KY visiting Dustin’s family, I got to meet up with the Claibornes for some family photos in downtown Somerset, KY.

Hug at this Somerset, KY session by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

It’s funny how my style has changed over the years, and it’s really noticeable when I only shoot in a location once every 2-3 years. When I FIRST started calling myself a professional photographer, I took Dustin’s oldest sister to downtown Somerset for a photo shoot. Looking at those photos now literally makes me laugh out loud because I was so not a professional photographer at that point. My posing, my editing…left a LOT to be desired to say the least. Then a couple years later, I took his youngest sister downtown and shot it in a completely different way. My posing and my editing were WAY less embarrassing, however, I still was figuring out the whole locations and lighting thing. This time, I took Kathryn and Spenser downtown, went the day before to scout out, and picked locations that I probably would have never considered in the past. Cleaner backdrops, lighter areas, and spots that I could create dimension with foregrounds and backgrounds. As any small business owner, I’m really proud at the strides that I have made, which is the ONLY reason I am going to link to all the sessions I’ve referred to here! But there is one rule…no judging…we all have to start somewhere ;-).

6 Years ago at Kathryn and Spenser’s wedding

I couldn’t find the session of Dustin’s oldest sister. I don’t think I had a blog at that point so it’s not even in the archives. This was definitely the most dated one because it was probably 10 years ago now…CRAZY.

4.5 years ago – Dustin’s youngest sister in downtown Somerset, KY

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