Baxter Gardens Portraits

Seems like every single time I shot Baxter Gardens Portraits this year, there was perfect lighting. Gabby & Zach’s engagement session was no exception. But I want to spend a little bit of this post talking about outfit choices. Gabby and Zach’s clothing was SO on point with the location. I always advise couples to wear something they are comfortable and confident in. But also, I think another thing to consider is your location. When shooting Baxter Gardens portraits, I want my clients to be in spring colors. It will fit with their surroundings. Also the style of clothing. Baxter Gardens is a very well manicured garden that accompanies a giant house on the top of a hill with gorgeous fountains, perfectly trimmed hedges, and phenomenal lighting. Coupling this location with business casual clothing for men fits so well. Additionally, Gabby chose to wear one shorter flowy, chiffon, blue dress with delicate ruffles and one floor length, two-piece, white dress with a leg slit. Both so feminine, and very goddess-y. Their clothing style matched the location style.

Engagement posing at this Baxter Gardens Portraits by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

In contrast, if you choose a farm for you location that is more wild and untamed, doing something a little more bohemian and casual will match your surroundings. Or if you want to do a more urban location, you can go one of two routes with this. A “night-out-on-the-town” look with your little black dress and his skinny tie, or you can do a hipster look with cuffed jeans and wide brimmed hat.

When you hire me as your wedding photographer, I will actually send you a bridal guide that will include a whole section on dressing for your engagement session! There is SO much information and lots and lots of examples that are printed in an awesome magazine that you get to keep and look through as many times as you want!

Also, I can’t end this post without pointing out the fact that these two are GORGEOUS and basically models. I just did Baxter Gardens portraits of them, but they’ve actually had three other engagement sessions since they got engaged and are pretty much pros now :-). Come on wedding day!

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