Holston Hills Country Club Wedding

You know what was really great about this Holston Hills Country Club wedding? How slow paced it was. I cannot tell you how long it’s been since I had a slow wedding day. Nobody was frantically rushing around, stressing, sweating, or irritable because we all had plenty of time to do everything we needed. Doesn’t this sound like the wedding day you want? Well, let me tell you a little bit about how it happened this way. First, sunset is not until 8:15 right now so we weren’t racing against daylight that was ending at 5:30 or 6. Of course, that’s helpful. Second, even though we had all day, the hair and makeup ladies came at 8 am and finished every single person before lunch, which was 2 hours before we started taking pictures. This meant Jennifer and her girls were able to grab lunch at the sit down restaurant in Holston Hills (a major perk of marrying at a golf course might I add). Since they were ready so early, I had them dress a little bit early to have ample time walking around the property and taking all the pre-ceremony photos. After the ceremony, we took some bride and groom photos until they needed us at the reception. They served the bride and groom dinner immediately after their first dance, and they finished eating before all their guests had even been through the line, which allowed us to sneak back out for more photos. I can’t tell you how refreshing it was not to have a single person stressed out around me. This can happen for you, and you can ensure it does if you do one thing. Create and stick to a good wedding day timeline with the advice of wedding professionals like your photographer and coordinator! Trust me. We know what we are talking about. I wrote an entire blog post about why wedding day timelines are so important. If you would like to read it, click here!

Formal at this Holston Hills Country Club wedding by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

Jennifer and Peyton not only had me as part of their Holston Hills Country Club wedding, but they also hired me to attend their rehearsal dinner the night before at Fleming’s. I really truly love rehearsal dinners. Even though I’m hired to attend and am working while I’m there, I have the opportunity to sit down with the family for dinner. I get to talk to the people around me and just be a person rather than a photographer. I get to know real stories about the couple that they probably wouldn’t have told me themselves. I get to see the love that surrounds the couple and how each person in their life impacts them in different ways. I meet the couple at their engagement session as a vendor and leave as friends, but I don’t get the opportunity to do that with the rest of the family or bridal party unless I attend the rehearsal dinner. Where I come in as a vendor to them but leave as just another friend. It creates a whole other comfort for your wedding VIPs throughout the entire wedding day. At Jennifer and Peyton’s rehearsal dinner, I got to listen to Peyton tell a hilarious story about his late dad. I watched as everyone in the room laughed with Peyton reminiscing his time with his father. This was such a personal moment where I truly saw how a man I had never met could bring such joy to a room without physically being there. Then, I watched as Peyton’s sister, Ashley, toasted the couple and recounted all the ways Jennifer was always meant to be a part of their family. Happy tears were shed across the entire room. These moments were so intimate, and I can honestly say that it was an absolute honor to witness and document them.

I realize that I’ve said 1/8 of what I made notes to say, and you’re probably already tired of reading. If you have made it this far, I would like to add a few really neat things that stuck out to me at Jennifer and Peyton’s Holston Hills Country Club Wedding.

  1. Peyton is very into racing… as in race car racing. So to incorporate it, they had two strips of fabric run down the center of every table. Now, it didn’t look like racing stripes because one was thicker than the other, but that was the symbolism of it.
  2. Because of this love of racing, Jennifer and her wonderful coordinator Allison, got together for a surprise exit. Instead of the sparklers or ribbons or bubbles or anything else I’ve seen done a million times… they got checkered flags! It was SO stinking cute. All the guests had one flag per hand and waved them as Jen and Peyton exited to Peyton’s dad’s convertible honda! I was a huge fan!
  3. Jennifer is very into animals. If you remember reading their engagement session post, she is a vet. So for their table numbers, they used black and white printouts of different dog breeds. Table #1 being her favorite breed. Just wait until you see these cute little things below.
  4. And with that information, they also snuck in some photos with their own dogs after family pictures were done. They were staying at Jen’s mom’s house just down the road and they went and picked them up for a few photos before going to their reception.

All this to say… I LOVE when couples personalize their day so well. It was so them and so beautiful. I know the couple had a lot to do with this but I also know that they worked with an amazing coordinator that brought their Holston Hills Country Club Wedding vision to life. Allison Gaddis with Live, Life, Love Weddings absolutely killed it. This was the first wedding I’ve gotten to work with her and feel it is totally necessary to put an official shout out to her in here in addition to the link to her page below. She didn’t ask me to do this just so you know. This is just how good she was :-).

Now that I’ve talked your head off (and it’s currently midnight as I type this last sentence)… please enjoy scrolling through!

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Vendors used by Jennifer & Peyton:

Venue: Holston Hills Country Club

Wedding Coordinator: Live Laugh Love Weddings

Florist: LB Floral

Cake: Layers Cakes

DJ: Sequoyah Entertainment

Dress Shop: White Lace and Promises

Dress Designer: Essense of Australia

Bridesmaids’ Dress Shop: David’s Bridal

Tuxedos: Prestige Tuxedo

Linens: White Table

Ensemble: Robyn James Ensembles

Second Photographer: Brittany Sidwell Photography

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