Intimate WindRiver Wedding

Lori and Greg had a small, intimate WindRiver wedding last weekend. I talked with Lori on the phone, but we did not meet in person until the wedding day. There was one thing that immediately stood out to me…how joyful she is. She is joyful with thanksgiving, joyful with excitement, and it truly overflowed the entire day. These are the types of people I get to work with every weekend. It’s one of the core values of my business because even when things can be difficult and hard, there is always something to find joy in. It will always impact your heart and shine the light of Jesus.

Bridal bouquet at this intimate WindRiver wedding by Knoxville Wedding Photographer Amanda May Photos.

So, this really awesome story happened on Lori and Greg’s intimate WindRiver wedding day. The officiant was texting Lori the morning of their wedding asking what scripture she wanted him to read as part of their ceremony. He recommended 1st Corinthians 13, but he also gave her a few other options. As she considered it, she texted Greg for his opinion. Both Lori and Greg are cyclists, and Greg took the morning to go on a bike ride before the day began. Of course, he didn’t have his phone out while riding, but he caught the first few words of the text on his watch. He saw “1st Corinthians.” A few moments later, Greg passed a book laying beside the trail that he was on. The book was open, and it took him by surprise because it’s kind of weird that an open book would just be laying on the ground with no one around it on a cycling path. As you can imagine, he flies by it on his bicycle without seeing what kind of book it is, but it sticks in his head. He just couldn’t stop thinking about it. After a few more minutes of riding, he decides to turn around and see what the book was. If you know anything about the sport of cycling, you know your shoes clip into the pedals. Pretty much once you get going, you try not to stop moving. The momentum and clipped in shoes lend themselves to keeping moving, but he just had to stop to see the book. Turns out it was a Bible. You know what page that Bible was turned open to? 1st Corinthians 13. Wait, what?? He proceeded to get out his phone and read the message from Lori asking if he was okay for 1st Corinthians 13 to be the scripture read in their ceremony later that evening. A feeling of the Holy Spirit swoops through, and both Lori and Greg felt the little wink from God reminding them that He was right there with them on their beautiful wedding day.

Since that was so cool, I also want to gently mention that it was also supposed to rain all afternoon (and actually did rain in most of Knoxville). At this intimate WindRiver wedding, however, it stopped raining around 2pm and didn’t rain again the rest of the day. Not even 10 minutes before we were scheduled to start portraits, I was checking my Dark Sky app (if you don’t have it, it’s amazing and every bit worth the $10 in iTunes), and it was calling for light rain to start in 5 minutes lasting 20 minutes. I kept looking out the window as we waited for makeup to finish…5 minutes passes…I open the app again, and now it says “cloudy for the next hour.” All the light rain had changed direction, and when it was time for the ceremony, the sun peeked through, and there was that wink again.

Lori and Greg, I’m so excited for you. I could feel through Lori’s joy, Greg’s Bible story, and the supernatural weather that you are right on the path that God is leading you down. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a small roll in your story!

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Vendors used by Lori & Greg:

Venue: WindRiver

Wedding Specialist: Kayla Hernandez

Officiant: Jerry Hyder

Hair Stylist: Claudia Nicole Hair

Makeup: Ashleigh Wise Esthetics

Florist: Lisa Foster Floral Design

Cake: Lisa Davis

DJ: Sequoyah Entertainment

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