When I was pregnant with Grayson, I didn’t even want maternity pictures. I took them because I didn’t want to regret not taking them, but I swelled so terribly and hated how big I got. There was no way I wanted to document that. I did anyways, and I’m so thankful because I love seeing that very short season of our lives.

Playing at this Maternity Pictures by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

Now, it’s time for Hazel’s maternity pictures, and this time around I was actually looking forward to it. I found a dress that I LOVE and makes me feel pretty, and my hair curled really well. Plus, I was joined by two handsome boys in my life that I absolutely adore.

Over the past couple years I have gotten to know Brittany Conner better and better. Before we met, I would have people tell me all the time that I had to meet her because we would just get along so great. When we finally met up, it was just that…we hit it off great! We have become friends that confide in each other for wisdom. We respect and admire one another, and I cherish our friendship so much. When I asked her to take maternity photos for me, I was absolutely honored when she said yes. She did a FABULOUS job, and I’m beyond thankful for each and every photo!

I chose to do these a little earlier than most mamas. I was only 25 weeks in these photos so my bump doesn’t protrude as much as you normally see, which is how I wanted it. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing that I am in complete awe and wonder of, but also, it’s so weird ha. When my belly starts sticking out 90 degrees from my body, it kind of freaks me out a little lol. Also, it was much cooler in the month of April, our schedules were WAY more flexible, and Baxter Gardens closed it’s gates to the public on April 30th (so I needed to do them before that). We just got super lucky that the sun was shining bright on our one day in April because the lighting that Brit got was phenomenal.

I hope you guys love these as much as I do!! Enjoy being a part of our second pregnancy journey!

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