Melton Hill Park Senior and Family

Boy glasses at this Melton Hill Park Senior by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

This blog post is going to look a little bit different because this session was a little bit different. I had the privilege of photographing both the Bullard family and Natalie one evening last week at Melton Hill Park. The last couple years I have run a special on Black Friday for portrait sessions. This past year Jennifer Bullard bought one for her family and one for Natalie as a senior gift. We ended up scheduling them for the same evening and the same location. Instead of walking around for Natalie’s Melton Hill Park senior photos, then walking around again for the Bullard’s family photos, we just walked together and alternated shooting. I arranged the blog post so it was all the family photos first, and then, the senior photos last just for the sake of organization. Believe it or not I am a creative that has some major OCD tendencies. ūüôā

Also, I want to say a huge thank you to both of these families for squeezing in their sessions before baby Hazel arrives. I don’t keep track of all the Black Friday purchases because it’s a ton of people so I just let them reach out to me to schedule them whenever they’re ready. Jennifer reached out a couple months ago to schedule her sessions before I went on maternity leave. She knew I would be slammed this fall all while adjusting to another baby in the house. Thank you THANK YOU, Jennifer, for doing this. I am forever grateful! Also, thank you, Allison, for tagging along for Natalie’s senior photos! It was so nice to get two sessions done in one trip at this gorgeous park that is 45 minutes from my house! I love shooting there, but it’s a haul!

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