Ramble Creek Bridal Portraits

I am seriously in awe over the light that we had at this GORGEOUS bride’s Ramble Creek bridal session. Also, this venue. I’ve shot one other wedding at Ramble Creek, but it was a December wedding. So, it looked totally different. Still so pretty, but so different. By the time you read this, the wedding will have already happened. In fact, as you read this, I am prepping their wedding blog post to go live next week.

Bridal look at this Ramble Creek Bridal session by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

Taylor and Austin’s wedding was under a little bit of a unique circumstance for me. They were the third wedding in a series of 3 weddings this past weekend. In the wedding industry, we call this a triple header. I’ve shot a triple header one other time in my career, but a) I was not 30 weeks pregnant, and b) they were all three in and around Knoxville. This triple header had a middle wedding that was in Ohio. When Taylor and Austin inquired with me to be their photographer, I told them the situation. I had no idea I would be pregnant, but I told Taylor I couldn’t arrive at her wedding before 2pm. I would have my second photographer get there earlier in the day, however, so everything would be documented before I arrived! Taylor thought this would be fine because sunset is close to 9pm this time of year. So, she moved her ceremony time back, didn’t do a first look, and still had plenty of time to do everything with me arriving at 2. It was that conversation with her that made me say “Heck YES” to shooting her wedding. A bride that is so willing to make their day work so that I can be there is a bride that I want to work with no matter the situation.

Rewind just a bit, and let’s talk about Taylor’s bridal session. Considering the circumstances around her wedding day, I was really glad that Taylor chose to do a Ramble Creek bridal session. This way, just in case anything were to get off schedule, we had all of these gorgeous bridal portraits to fall back on! Not to mention the day we took these the weather was the definition of perfect, and we got to spend the entire golden hour just capturing her beauty as a bride.

Also, I want to say a public thank you to her and Austin because they also got me a Starbucks gift card inside a super sweet thank you card. In it read, “I hope that this will help you get through an exhausting and long weekend!” I was so grateful, and my very first thought was, yes, my maximum daily caffeine intake of 200mg will 100% be on the menu that weekend, but also, my excitement for every single wedding that I have that weekend is also going to carry me through. Each one of the couples that I got to work with for this triple header was phenomenal. From their thoughtfulness to their kindness to their absolutely stunning weddings. I would not for one second go back and do it differently no matter how tired I am.

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Vendors used by Taylor:

Venue: Ramble Creek

Florist: Samuel Franklin

Dress Shop: White Lace and Promises

Dress Designer: Martina Liana

Hair & Makeup: Southern Belle Beauty

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