Concord Park 9 Month

Elliana Weiss had her Concord Park 9 month session a few days ago. I learned something about her at this session…she loves The Beach Boys. She loves them so much that she smiles, claps, and dances every single time she hears their song Barbara Ann. It was so cute that we pulled it up on Josh’s phone and played it every time we got to a new location. I also may or may not have sung it myself a few times trying to break a smile on that face. I do not claim to sing well, but I will do pretty much anything to make a baby look at the camera and smile. It may look absolutely ridiculous to all the adults in the picture staring back at me, but I don’t even care. It’s so worth it. I pull out this same ridiculousness every time I ask my clients to candidly laugh out of nowhere. Then, I tag along and make some ridiculous fake laugh from behind my camera so that hopefully they won’t feel so weird and maybe, just maybe, it’ll make their fake laugh turn into a real laugh. I swear…I don’t think people who hate being embarrassed could be photographers…it’s kind of just part of the gig.

Embroidered onesie at this Concord Park 9 Month by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

Anyways, it was a little difficult lining up our calendars with my insane weekend schedule and these two working full time and living in Chattanooga, but I’m so glad we did. We did Elliana’s Concord Park 9 month session at Concord Park at sunrise at the boat launch area. You have probably driven past this little area a dozen times and not even noticed it. It’s definitely one of those spots other people would likely look at and think… eh… that’s not where a photographer would be in her happy place, but I actually love shooting here. So, take a look and next time you’re over that way, I bet you look at that small patch of grass with a different eye :-).

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