The Olmsted Wedding

Louisville, KY is not a city I get to shoot in often. In fact, I’ve only ever shot one other wedding there. I really really love traveling to and shooting in new cities, but I’m not always as blown away as I was with Tiffany and Shawn’s locations, especially The Olmsted. We started at the Seelbach Hilton in downtown Louisville. I go into every hotel room expecting to have a hard time finding light or a good surface to shoot on. When I showed up to Tiffany’s suite, however, my jaw literally dropped. There was INCREDIBLE light, really great furniture to shoot on, and amazing wall colors to have in the background. Literally every single thing about this hotel room was amazing. I almost like it better as a shooting backdrop than my own house, which is saying a lot. ha!

at this The Olmsted Wedding by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

Then, we went to their reception site at The Olmsted. It is inside of a Mason community, but it is unassociated with the Masons. It is one of the prettiest indoor venues I have ever seen because it was sort of a mix between a really nice vintage train station and a ballroom. The black massive arched windows lining all the walls coupled with the columns out front and the marble floors in the foyer made for AMAZING photos. The natural light flooding into all the spaces at The Olmsted made all of the blue and gold accents at Tiffany and Shawn’s reception just pop and glow.

Our third location was the church. This was not a normal church. It was an old stone cathedral church that reminded me so much of a Catholic church but was actually a Baptist church. The exterior lent itself to phenomenal photo opportunities with the cool blue doors, the tree lined sidewalks, and the stained glass windows. Then, we went inside and the organ…o.m.g. the organ. This massive instrument stretched high behind the altar and blasted out to old wooden pews in the congregation. This church was absolutely beautiful.

I can’t wait for you guys to see the first look shared between the bride and groom. I got one of my all time favorite first look reactions. It’s a horizontal image in the Seelbach Hilton, and they are holding hands with all the best emotions on their faces. You will know it when you see it. The second moment was the father daughter dance because Tiffany’s dad actually wrote the song they danced to, and it wasn’t until they were on the dance floor at The Olmsted that Tiffany got to listen to it. This dance followed Tiffany and Shawn’s first dance, and as Shawn was leaving the dance floor, he told everyone to get out their tissues. Sure enough…there were tears in everyone’s eyes. Especially when Tiffany started bawling on her daddy’s shoulder towards the end. It was so sweet.

My final favorite moment from the day was also during the reception at The Olmsted when Tiffany special requested Frozen’s “Let It Go” song to be played. She got her three year old niece as the song began to play and as her dance unfolded, everyone cleared the dance floor to circle around and watch her. Of cource, she knew every single word. She walked circles around that dance floor with the deepest emotion. I have only seen Frozen one time, but if I’m remembering correctly she was doing EXACTLY what Elsa does when she sings the song on the movie. When I looked around, all the females had little tears in their eyes because…well…I can’t really explain it. It was just a super sweet, emotional moment. I, too, was leaking a bit and really don’t know why ha! It was SO stinking cute though.

Okay…I am cutting myself off because the words have got to stop now. Now, you get to scroll through ALL of my favorites from this gorgeous day! Big shout out to Brittany Sidwell as well because she not only traveled to the wedding with me, but to Nashville the day before for an engagement session, stayed two nights in a hotel, and spent 10 hours in the car with me. Not to mention the early morning start and late night end because we only had one car and hence she went where I went! I can’t thank her enough for joining me for this fabulous wedding! And I can’t thank Tiffany and Shawn enough for having us both!

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Vendors used by Tiffany & Shawn:

Getting Ready Location: The Seelbach Hilton Louisville

Ceremony: Highland Baptist Church

Reception: The Olmsted Louisville

Second Photographer: Brittany Sidwell Photography

Videographer: Cravens Videography

Florist: Nanz & Kraft Florists

Cake: Stir Crazy Cakes

DJ: Music in Motion

Hair & Makeup: The Beauty Patrol

Wedding Dress: The Steel Magnolia

Wedding Dress Designer: Stella York

Bridesmaids’ Dresses: David’s Bridal

Tuxedos: Men’s Wearhouse

Transportation: Louisville Trolley

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