Downtown Knoxville and Knoxville Botanical Gardens Engagement Session

Lauren and Tucker are getting married at a new venue in Johnson City, Tennessee, called Waterstone. This venue looks more and more amazing every time I see images from it! I am so utterly stoked to shoot there in May 2020. Until then, I’m here to share some Downtown Knoxville and Knoxville Botanical Gardens engagement photos of one gorgeous couple.

Khaki sport coat at this Knoxville Botanical Gardens engagement by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

I start every portrait session off with a short spiel. In addition to a few other things, I tell all of my clients to speak up if there is a specific spot they really want photos. This is because most locations offer such a variety that I don’t have time to shoot at every single good spot. If I pass up a spot, it’s not because it isn’t good. It’s because there’s another one right around the corner. But if a backdrop stands out as especially gorgeous, and you want photos there, it is not offensive to just say, Hey…can we stop here?” I will ALWAYS stop. If it ends up being gorgeous, you’ll see it in your gallery, and you will forever be the one who picked out that location. If you don’t see it in your gallery, however, you’re never going to realize it’s missing because there are SO many other great ones distracting you.

So, at the end of Lauren and Tucker’s Knoxville Botanical Gardens engagement session, I said what I always say. “Is there anything else specific that you guys wanted before we call it a wrap?” I could tell how hot Tucker was in his sport coat (it was blazing outside…even at 8:30 pm), but instead of calling it quits, he persisted and asked if we could go to the rusty bridge for a few more shots. It’s not uncommon for clients to ask for a specific spot, but often, the spot they ask for does not end up being my most favorite image from the session (even if it’s awesome, it’s not usually my FAVORITE). But this time it is. Hats off to Tucker because the horizontal image with the sun coming through the trees with them on the rusty bridge kissing is my favorite image from the session! You will know it when you see it!

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