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If you go back through any of my proposal posts, you will see I always talk about how they are a favorite of mine. I love the magic of it all. The planning, the surprise, the good kind of drama…I just love proposals. When Houston contacted me about shooting his proposal to Christina, I REALLY REALLY wanted to do it myself. The only problem was he planned to pop the question just 5 short days before Hazel’s scheduled arrival. She did not end up debuting on July 20th, BUT you never know with these things. Instead, I asked my associate photographers for their availability (since it fell on a Saturday, and they both own their own wedding photography businesses), and then, I asked Houston if this option interested him. It worked out perfectly for everyone, and my associate shooter, Leah, traveled to Atlanta to shoot Houston and Christina’s Piedmont Park proposal!

at this Piedmont Park Proposal by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

Planning a proposal can be intense…and figuring out how to not give it ALL away by hiring a professional photographer can get a little stressful. I think that Houston and Leah figured out the absolute best way to do it. Instead of Leah hiding in the bushes paparazzi style hoping she found the right couple and captured the emotions from the right angle, she and Houston planned a “portrait” session for Houston and Christina. So, Christina knew she was having her pictures made, which alleviated any stress of Houston trying to get her all dolled up and cute in a discrete manner. Also, she was expecting to be meeting up with a photographer at a pretty spot… so again, alleviating so much of the stress. What she did not foresee, was at the beginning of their portrait session, Houston dropping to one knee. And now, Leah didn’t have to be hidden far away, she could move around and get all the great angles, she could focus tight on the expressions on their faces, and overall provide so much better documentation of the entire event! I LOVE the way they did it and will likely be offering this to couples in the future who ask me to shoot their proposal!

Although I didn’t get to shoot this Piedmont Park proposal session myself, Leah did a FABULOUS job and I am so excited to be sharing these with you! Additionally, I still haven’t made the official announcement that I’m offering associate photographers now, but I am, and soon… or maybe not so soon because hello… I’m about to have a baby :-)… my website will reflect this option!

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