World’s Fair Site Senior Session

I have known Mariah since she was a little girl. Her family and my family bonded together a long long time ago, and I have had the utmost pleasure of watching her grow up. I’ve seen all the stages of this girl’s life. From pool parties to asking what it was like to kiss a boy to graduating high school to now graduating nursing school. There is nothing like thinking through all of these stages to make me feel real old ;-). Nonetheless, we are at another turning point in her life, and I am so honored she asked me to photograph her World’s Fair Site graduation photos.

Nurse white coat at this Worlds Fair Park graduation by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

As we contemplated what location to shoot at, Mariah told me she wanted something fun and girly. My immediate thought went to the stairs that are at the end of World’s Fair Site dividing it from UT’s campus. Two ladies named Jessie and Katey painted the stairs in 2017. Their insta handle is @jessieandkatey in case you would like to go follow them. Their art is so colorful, so fun, and so girly. Coupling that with the blue water, arched crepe myrtles, and hanging ivy, this World’s Fair Site graduation session is exactly what Mariah wanted. So fun and so girly.

I am so so proud of this pretty lady here. She fought tooth and nail for this graduation, and I am so excited to see where it takes her next. I asked where she really wanted to work, and she gave me three cities: Nashville, Chattanooga, or Knoxville. She’s lived in Knoxville all her life so I’m thinking that Nashville or Chattanooga will be where she ends up even if it’s just for a little while. She is the type of independent that likes to experience new things and adventure out there. When I asked her momma if she was sad that she might be leaving Knoxville, she had the perfect response…I don’t have time to be sad because I’m too busy being so stinking proud of how hard she’s worked for this. AAAAND it definitely helps that now she has an excuse to travel to a really fun city to spend time with her only daughter! Having the undeniable support of a parent is everything. It can make or break how far their children go in life. It makes me really excited to see that no matter what, her momma is there to push Mariah forward to be the best she can be regardless of her own desires. I just love this duo and am thankful to call them friends!

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