Children’s Hospital Family Portraits

You should know Traci. She is my editor/second shooter and a part of the AMP team. Not even two weeks ago, she found out her sweet baby boy has Leukemia. He is almost 6 months old and will spend the next 25 weeks at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital receiving chemo treatments to fight his cancer.

Leukemia at the Children’s Hospital Session by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

They went for their routine monthly checkup, and the doctor drew blood. That day, they found out baby Jack has Leukemia, and the next day they started their first round of chemo at Children’s Hospital. Baby Jack was also born with a cleft lip and had surgeries on that just a few short weeks after he was born. Despite all the things he has gone through in his very short life, he is still the happiest little man ever. And I can tell you why. The family that surrounds him is nothing short of incredible. We can all look at their situation and think we know how we would respond. We say things like, “How are they dealing with this??? I would just crumble! I would be in a state of weepy mess 24/7.” Truly, we don’t know how we would react, but the way the Price family has reacted says a LOT about their character. Here is a small snippet from a text conversation I had with Traci about their Children’s Hospital family session:

“Our prayer in ALL of this is that God is glorified and people can truly see his wonderworking power. We are so feeble and weak in our strength and understanding, yet God makes a way for us all! Please share and spread the Great News of the gospel! If nothing else, this exact moment in time was prepared and planned to bring us all closer to Christ and to show people who He truly is!”

Now, stop. Go back. Read that again.

Do you think you would respond like that?? Yeah. I don’t think I would either.

This family has such a personal relationship with Jesus that they are able to hear Him, feel Him, breathe Him in even in the hardest of hard times. They are able to say, “No matter the outcome…on the good days but also on the bad…we will praise Him because He is faithful and He is good in all ways.” That, my friends, is why baby Jack is still such a happy baby.

In partnership with this amazing family, will you please join me in deepening your prayer life with Christ? Will you dedicate 5 minutes a day? Set an alarm, fall to your knees, and beg God for baby Jack’s life? Beg Him to perform a miracle. Beg Him for comfort and peace to surround this family that surpasses all understanding. Do this for the Price family, but also, do this for yourself. Do this so you can have 5 solid minutes alone with Jesus feeling Him press in on your heart and enrich your relationship with Him. Traci said it herself, “If nothing else, this exact moment in time was prepared and planned to bring us all closer to Christ and to show people who He truly is!” Let that be true for you.

I’m so incredibly thankful and humbled to have gotten to photograph the Price family at Children’s Hospital before baby Jack started a more intense round of chemo. He’s not able to leave the hospital right now so I came to them. We used a little atrium area and inside the hospital to document this time in their lives. We are saying with hopeful hearts that one day, Traci and Justin will be able to show baby Jack these photos and tell him about the time he won his fight against Leukemia. They will show him the only area he could go outside and play. They will show him the rocking chair where he was fed, and the big wheel and wagon that his big brothers played with. The bed he slept in.

If you would like to keep up with the Price family, you can go to this link Traci will update it with Jack’s progress, and you can see your prayers in action.

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