Estate of Grace Senior Session

Every time I get the opportunity to shoot an Estate of Grace senior session, I am reminded of how incredibly awesome our God is. Not only through conversations I have with the owner, but also through the ridiculously awesome views I see of the mountains. This past Sunday at church, the sermon was about the overwhelming evidence that God exists all around us. All of the things that align just perfectly for us to have sustainable life on this planet. The size of the moon and the distance it is from Earth is exactly perfect to create the tides of the ocean so it isn’t stagnant water growing algae all over it. The rate at which the Earth turns is the exact speed we need to have the atmosphere contain enough oxygen for us to breathe. The distance and size of our sun are perfect so we don’t freeze to death or burn alive. The Earth’s core temperature and size are the exact way they have to be for the Earth to grow plants, generate oxygen, and sustain life in general. My pastor’s stats were so much more precise than this, but the overall idea was how insanely perfect everything has to be down to a millisecond and a millimeter for us to even live on this planet. Any time we are in need of some reassurance of Jesus, all we have to do is look around us. There is evidence of Him everywhere. Thankful for sessions like this Estate of Grace senior session that bring me to locations that remind me of this. Then, there are also instances like sweet baby Jack (read about his story here if you don’t know who Jack is) having a blood test reveal massive amounts of cancer cells flooding his blood only to follow up the next day with bone marrow testing that reveals all the cancer is gone. Our God is incredible, you guys, and it literally gives me chills every time I see Him working miracles in the people’s lives around me.

Sorry, Kristen, for hijacking your blog post to brag about Jesus, but seriously, as I was editing your Estate of Grace senior session it just hit me. I had to share! I’m so happy for you and can’t wait to see what God has in store for you as you graduate into this next stage of life!

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