Arrington Vineyard Wedding

I checked the radar the week leading up to Emily and Charlie’s Arrington Vineyard wedding. It was calling for clear skies with rain the day before and the day after, but clear skies on Sunday. Then, I realized it was still looking at Knoxville weather, but I shrugged it off because it couldn’t be that different, right? Wrong. When I corrected the location to Nashville, TN…and again for specifically Franklin, TN…it called for rain Friday and Saturday but not Sunday. The likelihood of rain was high. I immediately said a little prayer on their behalf. This couple came in from Texas to get married at Arrington Vineyard. Their family and friends were from all over the place…Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Ohio, Indiana, and I’m sure others that I’m missing. As we made the drive from Knoxville early Saturday morning, it did not rain the entire drive. There were definitely rain clouds in the sky, but there was not a drop of precipitation. When we finally got there and I got to hug Emily’s neck, she said, “Last night while I was crying about the weather, I got your bride guide out, and it naturally fell open to the rain plan page. I started reading it, and my tears dried up. I felt SO much better about it. Thank you so much for writing that, and thank you so much for giving those to your brides! It helped me so so so much to just relax and enjoy everything going on around me.” It literally made my day. If you are an inquiring potential bride wondering what my bride guide is, it’s this huge magazine full of all sorts of information to help you plan your wedding for the most amazing images. Every bride that books with me gets one within a couple weeks of signing their contract, and it is one of my FAVORITE things to deliver!

Throwing rose petals at this Arrington Vineyard wedding by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

About an hour after we arrived, it started drizzling. Then, it would stop and start up again. After Charlie was dressed and ready to go for groom photos, I checked outside, and it was clear! We took all his photos outside; some in the amazing vineyard and some under the trellises on the front porch. Gorgeous spots I was so hoping we’d get to use. Then, it came time to get Emily dressed. While we were dressing her, it wasn’t raining, but the wind was fierce. The process took about an hour, and I kept checking outside praying the rain would hold off. And it did! We took GORGEOUS photos of her epic dress in the vineyards, and just as we finished it started to rain. That rain stayed. It got harder and harder and harder and then began to get lighter and lighter and lighter throughout the ceremony.   As we exited the ceremony, it was still sprinkling, but within 10 minutes it had stopped completely and was gone for the remainder of the day! We got to take all of the bride and groom photos outside as well as the family. I am still in awe at God’s timing and how he orchestrated the rain so we could maximize the property around Arrington Vineyard.

I also want to chat about all the really meaningful, sentimental things they incorporated to their wedding day. First of all, Emily’s mom is a seamstress and did all the alterations for Emily’s dress. It fit her like a glove, and there was a piece of her late father’s work shirt sewn into the bodice in the form of a small pocket that held a wheat penny. When Emily and her sisters were smaller, her dad collected wheat pennies. He would always ask them to hunt down wheat pennies for him, but they rarely found any. Since he passed away, all four daughters now find wheat pennies regularly. I don’t know about them, but that sounds like a little sign from Jesus letting them know how much He loves them and wants them to think fondly about their dad’s time on this Earth. Additionally, Charlie reached out to the florist before the wedding day and had a yellow sunflower put into Emily’s bold purple and merlot colored bouquet. That sunflower represented their dad as well as the lantern that burned at the ceremony and the reception. Now, this next one is crazy cool. Emily’s dad was restoring a black classic truck when he passed away 10 years ago. It sat at their home unfinished all this time, but after Emily got engaged, her family began completing the restoration of this truck. Then, they drove it all the way to Nashville, TN, to surprise her with it! When you get to photos of the two of them, that’s the black truck where we finished portraits! They also got in it and drove away as their getaway car! They also used Emily’s parent’s cake cutting set at their reception to cut their cake. Emily also had matching bracelets made for her and Charlie’s four daughters to wear on the day of the wedding. Seriously, guys, the list goes on and on. I love how sentimental their day was and am so excited to be sharing it with you today!

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Vendors used by Emily & Charlie:

Venue: Arrington Vineyards

Coordinator: Silver Celebrations

Videography: John Myers Photography

Florist: Cottonwood Floral

Cake: Katelin Hayes Desserts

DJ: High Tone Entertainment

Hair & Makeup: Beauty by K2

Wedding Dress: The Wedding Studio Carmel

Dress Designer: Martina Liana

Bridesmaid Dresses: Absolute Bridal

Men’s Attire: Eric Adler Clothing

Tent: Music City Tents

Band: Justin and Kelly Music

Photobooth: Nashville Smile Bar

Stationery: Noteable

Calligraphy: PoppyCox Ink

Officiant: Chance Dillon Weddings

Catering: Chef Penelope’s Catering

Second Photographer: Brittany Miller Photography

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