Fall Knoxville Botanical Engagement

In the wedding photography industry, most clients come by word of mouth. This typically leads to shooting very similar personalities because current clients are friends with people that are similar to them. In the marketing world, we can connect most of our current clients back to past clients like a family tree. One couple led to these two couples which led to these four couples, etc. Then, you start a totally new tree when someone finds you who has no connection to past clients. Normally, these clients find you through a Google or social media search. So, when new people find you, it doesn’t always mean you are the right fit for one another. Since they weren’t referred by someone you have already worked with, there’s no guarantee your personalities will click well, and there is a smaller rate of booking with these leads. I’m sure you’re wondering where I’m going with this, but I promise, I do have a point. Patricia and Donny started a new tree for me, and I cannot tell you how perfect of a fit we are. I met Patricia and her mom when they decided to hire me, and I knew we would work well together. Then, after meeting Donny, seeing the two of them interact, and having them in front of my camera, we are almost a perfect fit. The only reason we aren’t “perfect” is because there’s actually no such thing as perfect 🙂 We are as good of a fit as you can possibly get, and I am so incredibly thankful for this couple and their beautiful fall Knoxville Botanical engagement session.

Flowy red skirt at this Fall Knoxville Botanical Engagement by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

We started with the two of them in Downtown Knoxville. This part had amazing weather, gorgeous light, and the most delicious ice cream at Cruze Farm on Gay Street. I honestly could have stopped there because they were so photogenic. I got a ton of variety in just our one location and in the one outfit, but I couldn’t stop. They were just so much fun to have in front of my camera, and actually, while we were walking back to our cars to head to the botanical gardens, Donny said, “One day when I’m rich, I’m going to hire you every weekend to just do this because it’s SO much fun.” My business is like my third baby in so many ways, and just like Grayson melts my heart when he tells me he loves me, Patricia and Donny melted my heart when they said this. It meant so so much!

We finished their fall Knoxville Botanical engagement session in two other outfits with their pup Lumi, and it was fabulous. They warned me that Lumi does not behave well and is REALLY spoiled. So, they worked with him to set him up for success, and boy did he prove himself. Lumi set the bar high for all of his future photo sessions because he was so stinkin’ good at this fall Knoxville Botanical engagement session.

I’m so so excited to share these with you guys, and I hope you love them as much as I do!

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