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This past weekend I spent the day celebrating with Duncan and Sarah as they slid the prettiest rings on each other’s fingers and committed to forever. We were at the amazing Hunter Valley Pavilion, and I am stoked that this couple wanted a ton of beach pictures. Typically when I shoot at Hunter Valley, the couple wants to steer clear of the sand until later in the day. Especially when the bride is in heels. Sarah wore flats, however, and she and Duncan love the beach area at Hunter Valley Pavilion. So, we spent a lot of time there. Because of this, I got some shots I don’t usually get at Hunter Valley Pavilion weddings, and I love that their wedding looks different than the last Hunter Valley Pavilion wedding I shot back in May. I’m sure Duncan and the groomsmen poured sand out of their shoes at the end of the day, but when they see these images, they’ll know it was so worth it!

On a beach at this Hunter Valley Pavilion wedding by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

One of the unique things about Duncan and Sarah’s wedding was the rings. I alluded to the fact that they were GORGEOUS in my first sentence, but lemme tell you again. They were GOOOOOORGEOUS!!! They were unique for two reasons 1) Sarah’s main stone is not a diamond. In fact, it’s an aquamarine (I’m pretty certain) that complements her rose gold, vintage setting beautifully. 2) Duncan’s band is also rose gold. In all my days, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a groom with a rose gold band, but I really loved it. Like really really loved it. Kudos to Duncan for owning this because I’m certain that not every man would do it, and it looks great! So, their rings are gorgeous and photographed even better. Then, they came out with this adorable leather ring box inscribed with a B on top, and I just thought it was so fitting for such perfect rings to have an adorable little custom box. This was one of my favorite parts of their day, and you will see why as you scroll through!

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Vendors used by Sarah & Duncan:

Venue: The Pavilion at Hunter Valley Farm

Florist: Swank Floral

Cake: The Bee’s Knees Bakery

DJ: Special Notes

Hair & Makeup: Southern Sirens

Wedding Dress: White Lace and Promises

Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal

Men’s Tuxedos: Men’s Wearhouse

Second Photographer: Leah Nicole Photo

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