Knoxville Botanical Gardens Engagement Session

I think most of my couples would describe me as a very vocal photographer. I am constantly communicating from behind my camera. Whether it’s giving directions, confirming how amazing they are, or cracking a really lame joke in efforts to get some natural laughter, I’m always talking. I have really started paying attention to the words that come out of my mouth because I think it’s necessary for me to let my couples know I truly mean those words. I’m never blowing steam! At Leah and Tony’s Knoxville Botanical Gardens engagement session, that also stood true. I’m very encouraging to my clients. I know getting in front of the camera is scary and nerve-wracking. Unless you have modeling experience, this is so out of the comfort zone of most people. To alleviate some of these nerves, I give a lot of positive feedback on how they are doing. As I listen to myself give this feedback recently, I wonder how many random people pass us and think gosh… she’s really sucking up to her clients. Because it can sound over the top. But here’s the thing. To me, it’s totally not over the top. To me, it’s equivalent to the amount of excitement I feel the moment I snap a photo I KNOW my client is going to love. I never know which ones will be printed so I shoot as if EVERY one is going to be printed. I specifically shoot ones for save the dates. I specifically shoot classic portraits for mom’s mantle. I specifically shoot emotional ones (like the one right below this paragraph) for the walls of their home. I don’t stop to shoot unless I know that spot is going to make a print worthy photo. Therefore, when I’m shooting, I get excited because the photo I’m getting in that moment could potentially carry so much weight moving forward.

Purple fall sweater at this Knoxville Botanical Gardens Engagement by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

All that to say. If you pass by me at my next Knoxville Botanical Gardens engagement session (or anywhere for that matter) and you hear me being all crazy with compliments, just know it’s genuine. It comes from a place of complete sincerity because I love my couples, and I’m so pumped to finally have them in front of my camera. Also, I’m just an overly excited person in general.

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