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William Reed Tucker. This sweet sweet boy is three weeks old in these newborn photos and he has one of the coolest rooms on the planet. I mean, dude can get a fiddle-leaf fig growing pretty good. All jokes aside, I am so thankful Abby and Will invited me into their beautiful home in Elizabethton, TN, to take photos of their sweet family of three. To say that Abby’s decorating skills are amazing is an understatement. She was a nurse before welcoming Reed into the world, but if she ever decided to moonlight as an interior decorator, she would definitely be ultra successful at it. People moonlight as interior decorators right (I wish I could insert emoji’s into blog posts because right now would be the one that is crying laughing)?! Will is a surgical resident in general surgery right now and also has some mad swaddle skill. When I ask parents if they want to swaddle or if they want me to swaddle at newborn sessions, the answer is always that they want me to. Not in the Tucker household, however, because Will has got it down and actually did better than me.

Sleeping baby at this newborn session by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

I love that we were able to get both sleepy/posey newborn photos and awake/alert newborn photos of Reed. He did SO amazing, and they had so many beautiful places in their home to take photos. It was incredible seeing Abby and Will as new parents. I honestly would have thought they had been parents for years because they were so good at it. I mean, Reed is only three weeks old, and already, when he started getting fussy, they knew exactly what he needed to be soothed. It’s embarrassing for me to tell you how long that took me to do with Grayson. It was basically a guessing game for the first 3 months of his life, poor kid. I think you will enjoy scrolling through the rest of Reed’s lifestyle newborn photos, and I can’t wait for you to see more of his adorableness!

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