Castleton Farms Engagement Session

Taylor and Collis had their engagement session with me this past weekend. We met up at Castleton Farms and spent almost 2 hours together venturing around the property with their pup in tow getting gorgeous engagement photos. I got to know them a little better throughout our time together. Collis is from Greenville, NC and moved to Knoxville when he was a teenager. Taylor is from Knoxville and met Collis in high school. They both went to the University of Tennessee and have been dating for going on 6 years! They are tying the knot in June of next year at Castleton Farms and I have a feeling they are going to have on fabulous wedding.

Holding hands at this Castleton Farms Engagement by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

But this blog post wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t talk about their sweet little pup, Spud. Spud is going to be Collis’ hunting dog. He comes from a long line of hunting dogs and lemme tell you… he is SUCH a good dog! Especially to only be 5 months old or so! Collis has spent a lot of time training him and whenever I had him in a photo, I would get what I was looking for and then spud would do something adorable and make the image even better. For example, I had him sitting between Taylor and Collis in one in front of the Castleton Farm house. They were holding hands over top of his head and I got them all three looking at me. Then spud jumped up and licked their hands and oh my gosh, it was way cuter than my original goal! He is one photogenic pup.

Anyway, I am so excited to be at Castleton Farms again this Thursday for Taylor and Collis’ vendor experience. This will be the day that they nail down all of their important things. It’s called “vendor experience”, but really it boils down to “decision day”. It’s one of my favorite things that Castleton does because it allows couples to get ahead of all these details well before the wedding day! That way, in the month leading up to the wedding they can focus on what matters most rather than deciding if they want to do a bridesmaid reveal. They can have more time to get their marriage license because they aren’t thinking about how all their people are going to need lunch on the wedding day. They can plan their rehearsal dinner without having to stress about if they have enough hair and makeup ladies to get everyone done on time. It is really far in advance but it is amazing and greatly reduces the stress involved in wedding planning!

So now you know a little bit about why I love working with Castleton so much! Now get to scrolling already so you can see this gorgeous couple and their sweet little pup!

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