Melton Hill Park Family Session

I did this family session at Melton Hill Park for a family that is building an adoption book. An adoption book is something filled with photos of your family, has a bunch of information about your history, and shows the kind of family you are. This book is then shown to mothers who are looking for families to love on their sweet babes, and they choose a family to meet with based on all the books they look at. Adoption is definitely something that my heart has grown for since I became a mother. It is truly being the hands and feet of Christ. In the last few years, our home church, Shoreline, began really emphasizing the adoption process. They have made it easier for members of the church to become educated on the process and even be supported financially, emotionally, and spiritually. To take it a step further, in the last 6 months, we have also walked through the fostering process with dear friends of ours that we are in a life group with. We’ve watched first hand as they have jumped hurdle after hurdle to bring a baby into their home. Then, we watched them get placed with a newborn baby girl and now fight for her in the court system regularly. I know there is a lot of stigma around the foster care system and really terrible, horrible stories from children that have gone through the foster care system. Right now, in this season of life, the best way that I can help with that is to contribute financially to that fund at our church and take photos whenever I can for families pursuing the process!

Holding hands at this Melton Hill Park session by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

I am so excited for the Donovan family to be starting the adoption process. I can’t wait for them to love on a little baby that has parent(s) that are doing the HARDEST thing ever and sacrificing SO much to put their little in a better situation! I think most of us think of adoption from the adopting family’s perspective, but also, I want to challenge you to think and pray for the mother and possibly father that are putting their baby up for adoption. No matter their situation, that is hard. It’s hard to grow that baby inside you, feel that baby kick, labor with that baby and bring it into the world, to then send it off with another family. It’s hard to look at your own life circumstance and know that your baby would have a better life and a better a chance in another home. That is hard and it takes so much courage and I just want to hug every single momma that makes the hard choice for the sake of their child.  And on the other side, I never want to discount the families that are taking these children in. The families that are putting their needs last and loving on a child that is coming from a hard circumstance. Fostering and adopting parents have to have MASSIVE hearts and taking that kiddo in exposes that heart and makes it vulnerable to the world. There are so many obstacles in the parenting world, but when you foster or adopt, there are a whole other set of obstacles to consider and it is also so hard. I am so honored to have so many people in my circle who are doing amazing things for the fatherless. It is such a beautiful thing.

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