Christmas Cookie Session

The Whites welcomed me into their home last week for a bit of Christmas cookie decorating. We had absolutely so much fun rolling out the dough, having icing wars, and munching on some delicious cookies. These kiddos are the sweetest. Even though Jake doesn’t always just hang out in the kitchen watching cookies be decorated, it still was a little slice of real life for them, and I’m so excited to preserve it forever. I’m envisioning years from now, Pete, Noah, and Vivi telling their children about this Christmas cookie tradition they always did with Amanda and Jake. About how they were never allowed to sit on the kitchen counters except during Christmas cookie decorating. That really it wasn’t the sugar cookie they looked forward to, but the icing that was generously spread over top. These pictures tell a story and a tradition that is so near and dear to my heart because I also grew up baking Christmas cookies with my mom. We would spend HOURS making them all on a weekend, and then, package them up in a cute Christmas tin (that we undoubtedly bought 75% off the day after Christmas the previous year) to deliver them to our neighbors. I have no clue if our neighbors actually ate them, but that really wasn’t even the point. All that really mattered was the time mom and I spent laughing, getting flour all over the kitchen, and taste testing ONE too many times.

Rolling dough at this Christmas cookie session by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

It’s the memories we make with our children that are going to last. Not the cleaning, the shopping, or even the gift opening. It’s the laughs. The cuddles. The one on one time. The new things learned. The giving to others. The in-the-floor playing or the bedtime talks. It’s the squeezes and the kisses and all the tickles. So, go make Christmas cookies together. If you already had your professional photos done, snap a few on your phone and make a memory and a tradition that will last a lifetime.

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