Downtown Knoxville Maternity

There are going to be two main purposes to this blog post. 1) To share Bre and Matt’s downtown Knoxville maternity session that I just love and 2) to share some really awesome news about their nephew that I know they are just as excited to share with the world! So here we go:

Holding hands at this Downtown Knoxville Maternity by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.
  1. There is no adequate words for me to describe how much I love this couple and their families. They are truly gems… every. single. one of them. The way they bring light into this world is incredible and in a way that it is undeniably the love of Christ in their heart. It makes me especially happy that this was a downtown Knoxville MATERNITY session because that means they are bringing another tiny human in the world that they are going to raise to shine that same light and the world just needs more of this. So as of just a few days ago, baby Price has a name and it is Sarah Ruth. Both incredible biblical women who are used as amazing examples to help us know what a woman of God truly looks like. I know that she is going to have the best, most kind, incredible heart because she comes from a long line of hearts just like that.
  2. Bre and Matt are the aunt and uncle to baby Jack that you have read about on my blog before. But just in case you are new here, Jack is the son of my editor and second shooter who was diagnosed with Leukemia at his 4/5 month check up. He was immediately admitted to children’s hospital and started chemo the next day. His parents, Traci & Justin, have been a pillar of strength, establishing their foothold on the solid rock of Jesus and truly witnessing miracle after miracle. I wrote a whole blog post about their story along with some hospital photos that I took of them at the beginning of their very long 6 month hospital stay. I’ve given updates on my Instagram account as I have periodically received them from Traci. But nothing… literally no news that the Price family has ever received could be as phenomenal as the news they received the other day… Jack is officially in remission. Read that sentence one more time. Now go google “infants diagnosed with Leukemia”. You won’t find much on it because it’s not super common, but what you will find is a bunch of really scary statistics. And everyone everywhere will tell you to not google medical things because it’ll just give you nightmares. But here’s the deal. God is bigger than google. He is bigger than statistics. He is moving mountains. He is alive. and He has saved little Jack from a terrible cancer and I KNOW, beyond a shadow of a doubt that He has big plans for Jack’s life.

I bring Jack up because Jack and Sarah Ruth are cousins. They are going to be the best of friends and there is literally pieces of my heart that are melting at the thought of taking photos of them 2 years from now playing and laughing together on a warm spring evening. My friendship with this family was founded out of a job. Bre and Matt hired me to photograph their wedding. But it has turned into so much more than that for me. I love these people and I am just so utterly grateful that I get to call them friends.

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