Favorite Engagement Photos from 2019

It’s here. 2019’s best of the best engagement photos. Yesterday, you saw my best of the best wedding photos, and now, it’s engagements. Tomorrow will be all the other best of the best portraits. You’ll find so many different venues listed below. Among them are McGhee Tyson Airport, The Apple Barn, Baxter Gardens, Cruze Farm Ice Cream, Printshop Beer Co, Marblegate Farm, Castleton Farm, Centennial Park in Atlanta, Eagle Rock, Zoo Knoxville, Arrington Vineyards, Southern Railway Station, Calhoun’s on the River, and so many others. I literally cannot choose a favorite because they all offer amazing, unique options that have generated some of my favorite engagement photos throughout the entire year! Brides always ask me what my favorite place to shoot is in Knoxville, and that is nearly impossible to answer. So, rather than pick one favorite place to shoot, I will say that in general I love shooting in new spots. I love having different scenery to work with, and I love seeing a location for the first time. It’s like reading a book for the first time. Don’t you wish you could just reread your favorites and experience them like you did the very first time you read them? But, I digress. I’m not here to talk about locations. I’m here to tell you (again) why I just love doing engagement photos with my couples.

I actually have a whole blogpost about why I offer engagement photos for free and why it’s so important to have them with your wedding photographer HERE! Instead of just repeating myself from that blog post, I want you to read it (I have it set to open in a new tab so you don’t lose your place here), and then, come back and read one more bonus reason below.

I LOVE getting to be friends with my couples. Like really really love it. I’ve strived for this throughout the entire existence of Amanda May Photos (since 2010), but I’ve definitely gotten better at it in the last few years. During the engagement session, we get to spend so much one on one time together that we really get to know one another. I love seeing the emotion as you tell the story behind the day you first met and the day he proposed. I just adore laughing with you and making funny jokes behind the camera that really get you giggling together. I am completely obsessed with preserving the raw emotion, and I get that best when you are vulnerable with me. When the vulnerability happens, so does the friendship. It’s the best feeling ever when I run into one of my couples after the wedding is over. After the photos are delivered. After the prints are ordered. And we hug and get to catch up like old friends. Not every single AMP couple has an engagement session for various reasons, but 90% do, and I’m just so so so so so thankful they invest the time with me on that weekday evening to preserve their engagement season forever.

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