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One thing you may have noticed recently is that I am taking fewer portrait sessions from new clients. Almost every single portrait you see below has either been a past #AMPcouple, are a dear friend or family member of mine, or they are AMP family alumni (as in I have photographed their family for years). The wedding side of my business is growing, my family is growing, and in an effort to balance my work and life better, I had to trim somewhere. The only area I could even remotely see this happening (because I just love everything about this job) was the portrait side. I will still photograph my couples as they buy houses and have babies and celebrate anniversaries. I will still shoot all my families I have shot for years. But any new clients that want to come on, will be outsourced to one of my associate photographers. No matter how much it pains me to do that because I just ADORE adding more people to the AMP family, it’s what has to be done in this season.

But, enough of that talk for now. Let’s get on to my favorite portraits from 2019. This a mixture of all kinds of portraits. We have newborn, family, Christmas, maternity, birthday, anniversary, lifestyle, senior, 3, 6, 9, and 12 month photos. There will be some of the cutest kiddos in the WORLD down here, and if there’s no other reason to look at these, it is to get a smile because there is literally no way you can resist when you see some of these giggles frozen in time. I am so beyond thankful for all the families that hire me to document their family. After the wedding, it’s just as important to keep having annual photos made. When you tell your kids and grandkids what life was like back in the early 2000’s, you can do that so much easier when you have pictures to describe it. No matter what we thought 2020 would look like, we are not driving around in flying cars or time traveling and one day those things will be happening and they will have no clue how we ever survived right now. So, let’s show them. Let’s show them how rich our life is. Let’s show them how much love we have for one another despite the political climate. Let’s show them just how happy we are.

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