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Every now and then, life will make a full circle on you and place someone back into your life. That’s what happened with the Hatchett family. Years and years and years ago…actually, at the exact spot where I decided I wanted to become a photographer…I met the Hatchett family. It was at New Covenant Fellowship, right off of Callahan Drive. It was the church my dad attended, as well as the Hatchett family, and any time I was at my dad’s, it is also where I attended. I was maybe in middle school when we started going there. I went sporadically since I only went to my dad’s every other weekend, but I remember the Hatchett family. Mostly because of the way Bob and Cindy Hatchett were the hands and feet of Christ through adoption. Even at that age, I thought it was so amazing. Now, over a decade later, John Hatchett, their adopted son photographed here, is leading a ministry in Japan where the main purpose is to show children what a father’s love can feel like when they may not have experienced it before. This ministry is called Mitaka Family Life Center and is in Tokyo. He has four kiddos of his own with a beautiful wife, and they don’t get to come back super often to visit the states. When they do, however, Cindy always makes sure to book a photo session to capture where they are in this stage of life. Over the years, she has had various photographers, and this year, she chose me. To think about where these pictures may end up and what they mean to Cindy warms my heart in the deepest of places. Only getting to see her kiddos every so often means these photos are what is going to be hanging in her home until the next time they return. And maybe, just maybe, these photos might end up used for an amazing ministry in Tokyo. These photos are going to go on to explain just how much these kiddos love one another and how the two boys aren’t going to both fit on dad’s shoulders for very much longer. This is the meaning of a photograph, and this is why I love what I do so so so much.

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