Okay. Can we just talk about how GORGEOUS the children in this lifestyle session are???? Tristan and Brandon make some pretty kids. And Willow (the little girl) has the most amazing hair color I’ve ever seen and yes… it is natural. I would say Southern (oldest boy) is the ham of the family. He likes to pretend like he hates pictures, but when the lens goes up, he turns it on ha! And Gunner (youngest boy) is so cute. He is still in the phase where intentionally smiling for the camera feels weird, so I kept making him laugh and his fake laugh made us all real laugh and that made him real life and I got the most adorable little smile out of him.

The whole family at this lifestyle session by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

Also… there is one picture below of a great dane’s face… behind him you will see five more pups. That means this family has a total of 6 dogs which is twice as many kids that they have and one more than how many people are in their family! And you know what?? They are all SO well behaved! We got every single dog out of their crate for a photo on Tristan and Brandon’s bed. I thought for sure this would take up 10 minutes of our lifestyle session time because… well… SIX dogs! But nope. They all jumped right up on the bed, found their spots, settled in and looked all cute! My favorite part was when the little one started licking the other’s face and ears loving on him. It was so stinkin cute. And when I asked which one the great dane got along most with most, they said the smallest ones were bffs with the biggest one ha! It’s always the biggest dogs that think they are the tiny pups :-).

I’m so thankful this family had me come to their home for a lifestyle session. This is my second time shooting them, and I just adore them. The way they love the Lord and the way they love each other is the best.

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