Maternity Session for the Burton Family

by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

Since we photograph the Burton family in their bedroom at home for all their sessions, I really like to challenge myself to get a few different looking images every session. We have the go-to ones that we get every time so that Morgan can compare them session to session and see how the kiddos have changed… but in between those, I try to make sure to get some unique ones so that they can have the best of both worlds. They have the consistent ones from every single session and they have the silly, crazy ones that really show what their personality is right here and now.

This is especially true for the middle girl, Bry (for short). When I first started shooting for the Burton family when Morgan was pregnant with Avenly (the youngest girl), Bry was not a fan of pictures. Well… it’s not that she wasn’t a fan of having her picture taken, she just didn’t last long before she was over it. We would pull out ALL the tricks to get her to cooperate for an hour. Fast forward to this session and she’s asking me to take pictures of her as she looks at me with her big baby blue eyes and gives me the sweetest smile. She has come a long way and you can tell in the photos! Capturing a child is not only about preserving their physical appearance, it’s also about preserving their cute little personalities that blossom and unfold over the years.

This is the second maternity session that I’ve taken for Morgan and Topher. There is one major difference this time though and that it’s their last and it’s their only BOY! This sweet boy is going to be so loved and so doted on by all three of his sisters! My best childhood friend growing up had three older sisters and a younger brother in it and their family dynamic was so fun and so sweet. Just like when I found out I was having a girl, Morgan shared some of her favorite baby girl vendors with me and I’ve shared some of my favorite baby boy vendors with her. I can’t wait for him to enter this world so that we can all meet him and cuddle his little self to pieces!

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