You know one thing that is so great about this quarantine? The fact that you have an excuse now to stay home and cuddle your babies. I know Morgan and Topher are really feeling that right now because they just welcomed their fourth baby and only boy into the family! You saw him last week on the blog because I also did a fresh 48 session and newborn session with him, and let me tell you just how awesome this little guy is. At just 2 weeks old, he was keeping his paci in his mouth like a pro. If you are a parent, you know how incredible it is when they start keeping their paci in their mouth for long periods of time. Hello, sleep! He also did not cry one single time. It was loud, he was happy. It was quiet, he was happy. His sisters are jumping on the bed around him, he’s happy. His youngest sister is crying, he’s happy. He’s being held, he’s happy. Literally, the happiest baby.

Morgan and Topher own The Quarry, which is a wedding venue in Knoxville, and they are going going going nonstop. They are fully booked every weekend months/sometimes years in advance, they have multiple weddings a weekend all the time, and every single wedding there is GORGEOUS!!!! They are in the process of building a new building for their weddings that will quite literally blow your mind. All this to say they are always slammed, and Morgan is one of the most inspiring go-getters I’ve ever met. On top of all of that, they have 4 kids under 5 years old. I know this whole self-quarantining thing is super annoying and a massive inconvenience, but I know this family is eating up every second of being home together beautifully. It is so stinking adorable watching this family love one another. Even amidst the chaos of 4 under 5, they still find the patience and the joy of just being together. Before we know it, life will resume, and we’ll all be crazy busy again. So, while it’s here, try to sit back and really enjoy it like the Burtons are doing 🙂

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